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In my life i travelled to other countries and that’s why i can say i understand the idea behind this challenge. I say this because this is true only because i travelled to countries with well defined seasons. In my country and specially in my city you can have the four seasons in a day. It can be freezing in the morning and sunny and really hot at lunch and then in the afternoon is raining cats and dogs and so on. They call it tropical climate but i really think the correct name is chaos. So my shot for this challenge is a little different. It shows how the season changes that can happen in hours can catch us off guard.



Ok…lol…in case you didn’t get this… the name of the pyramid is SUN…lol…and i took this shot standing in a pyramid called MOON… So i hope that does it for this week’s challenge!!! 🙂 …by the way that’s in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Well… I felt kinda funny about this one when i saw the photo in dailypost. I believe that one or two or three or more subjects becomes always one composition. One. I don’t know about two separate subjects in the same frame. When you frame right they become one shot. That’s it. Do you guys also feel that way? I mean? can there be successful framing if there’s two contexts happening??? I don’t mean that’s what the post says but that’s what i felt about the shot they used. I’ll then post some shots with two subjects but in the same context… Let’s see if that works fine on the challenge… That really a challenge!!! lol