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This is why i photograph!! Fleeting moments…things you have the chance to catch and otherwise would be lost. Things that happens everyday and usually there are no witnesses… I took this shot a couple years ago in Berlin. It’s a street artist getting prepared. I guess one of those living statues… For i while this image of her took me somewhere else entirely.

Now i’ll try a small wonder. Something few people had the chance to see. Small wonders like these are very special and they happen everywhere. We just don’t hear about it. I was in Berlin taking some photographs and there they were finishing up the sculptures. The opening of the sand sculptures expo would be in two days and this was my last day in the city. At least i had the chance to witness the artists finishing their work…


To finish this week’s challenge i’ll post a photo that is not my best shot but it’s an interesting event. An artist changed the hats of the construction workers for colorful hats. I always wondered how angry the workers were when they found out. Cheers!!!