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I learned with a chinese master in the subject. You breathe in imagining you are part of the air. Logically i mean. There’s nothing mistic about chinese meditation. Unlike people in Tibet and India that relates it with religion people in China uses meditation as a medicine. So again you breathe and imagine you are the air that gets in your nose and you imagine the path the air takes to the botton of the belly. So you imagine this circuit. Nose to belly and belly to nose. But you also have to count. So it goes like this: breathe in, breathe out count 1,  breathe in, breathe out count 2,  breathe in, breathe out count 3 and so on until you get to 10. Then you start again. You do it during 20 mins. You also should be sitting of the floor with your legs crossed in the known lotus position. If the floor is cold you can sit of a rug of anything actually. Then you can use a pillow to sit on. Your eyes have to be half open otherwise you can get sleepy and you mouth half opened. The eyes should be faced towards a white wall or something very neutral and there should be no noise or at least the least amount of it. Why do i do it? It’s the only thing that calms me besides Xanax. It’s the only way i get to sleep. If you do it right it’s a trip bigger than any LSD can give you. The idea behind it is to quiet your mind. By doing this routine you don’t have to think about not thinking which is impossible. You just change all your thoughts to just the way the air makes in your body and the counting from one to ten. It doesn’t seam much so it’s kinda annoying when you begin. Looks like you are doing nothing but suddenly you get it. Your brain starts to clear and you starts feeling really great. It’s a kinda hard feeling to describe but it is so unexpected that usually the first time you feel that’s enough to make you start thinking again and ruin the exercise. What do you gain? Focus. Samurais did it not to relax but to be better in their fights. More precise. Clear mind. After a lot of crap in a bad day it’s the only think that can put your mind at ease. Control. You start getting better control of your mind when in stress and that can be really healthy. I did my part. Now try to do it!

I saw it sometimes in my life. The face changes fast. The guy seams to be looking at nothing. At the horizon. After that something usually bad happens. There’s a switch most have that should not be turned on. It’s really like a switch. I can notice that seconds before everything was in control but something started a reaction that ended in the dead eyes and the scary look on the face. Once my older cousin looked like that and he literally spanked my younger cousin. My younger cousin really got hurt. Suddenly as if that demon was gone he stopped beating the boy and started crying right away screaming “why did you make me do it? you shouldn’t upset me like that!! i love you my brother. I’m sorry.” They were both crying. Years later i saw a guy pointing a gun to his father with that same look. Years later that guy shot three people dead in a bar. I didn’t shoot his dad at that day but he surely had it on him. Why? What happens in the mind when we loose control? It happened to me a couple times with very different proportions. I ended up screaming a bit but that was it. Even so i know that right after i ended screaming i already regretted my action. I think it’s the same kind of primitive reaction. Not just primitive because it looks uncivilized but also because it emerges from a place in ourselves we don’t even know it exists probably buried very deep down inside. This impulse changes many people’s lives and yet some can’t control it. Sad stories were written because of it. Maybe it shouldn’t be called a sin. It’s more of a curse we carry in our genes.

The set light. It’s one of the most glorious thing in filmmaking. To be able to shape the light in the way we want. In this set we are shooting a breakfast scene and we have a powerful light coming from “outside the window”.