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I feel really terrible. It’s more than a month since i posted. I’ve been crazy and around….really. Lol…In part it’s good cause that’s where we get our history and also our images from…So i’ll start unloading in this challenge. Two weeks ago i was in Israel for a commercial with a soccer player. I visited Jerusalem, a place with a very strong energy. I guess a nice trio would be each photo one religion but as the challenge needs the specific model of establishing to close shots it will not be possible. So i chose the arabs and their details. That market has many of them… The First photo shows the mosque. The second the interior of the market and the third the spices. Really an interesting place.


I just love the sea… So i already posted many shot of it. And because i love to subvert a bit the challenge i’ll post something that means sea to me but not actually the sea itself. Luckily i took this shot today, saturday. I had to do a trip by Helicopter. The clouds below the plateau makes me remember the sea waves and the water on the plateau gives me a twisted feeling about the composition…


When o saw the photo of this week’s challenge i hoped i wasn’t there….lol… A big office building…i imagined something more relaxing like this shot….lol…much better… i wish i was there right now…it’s a really nice beach and i was looking at the hut and the sky…i wish i was there right now…