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How delightful it was to see that my fellow bloggers enjoy film. It’s been almost twenty years now that me carrier is devoted to this media. Some say it’s an art but who works with it knows better. We can direct art because we direct writing and photography and fashion and architecture and music and on an on. That doesn’t makes us artists. Writers are artist and photographers are artists… we are the first lucky witnesses of those arts growing together in a media that can blend all those into one final result. Therefore we are craft men capable of taking writing from paper and putting it on screen with the help of all the arts that collaborate in cinema. Of course i’m talking about the first main idea of film. Autheurs are real artists and their work transcend direction. Fellini would be Fellini using other photographers and even without Nino Rota. Those write and direct and do almost everything they can in their films because they use all details in storytelling to be them selves as much as they can in front of the audience. In other hand Spielbergs are directors and what they do it’s not called art. That’s not less it’s just differente. Schindler’s list is a work of art? No. It is great filmmaking? Yes. The only thing it means is that moviemaking opens a window for artists but it was not designed as art. It’s an entertaining media. And a really powerful one. Those two hours in the dark theatre can take us many places and make our minds wonder in many different worlds and realities. I really love this craft since i was a child. Since Star Wars was playing and all i wanted to do is to be far away from this universe. That’s the power that always moved me to the movies. Great week to you guys!

Who is afraid of the dark and why? I’m not sure where does it came from. Maybe it’s the stories our parents told us when we were children. Maybe it’s the fact that each sense really makes a difference. But if it is so do blind people have no fear of the dark? If not all that is it possible our fear of dark places have something to do with instinct? When i think about these questions i can’t stop but wondering how death plays a part in all this. Sometimes only the fear of the unknown that darkness represents or sometimes the feeling of separation from our loved ones. These both feelings have a strong relation to the fear of death. I also don’t know the method we use to overcome this fear when we grow up. I just keep wondering if the brain have some knowledge that is not conscient and more instinctive about things that could have happened before we were born or after we die even if we are talking about our life in the womb. I don’t know. The fact is: our fears are usually useful and they are like little alarms telling us where and what to avoid and they are built over knowledge. Maybe fear of the dark is something we let go really soon when we are kids and therefore we don’t remember the reasons for the fobia but they did exist eventually. Maybe it’s the horror movies and the old bedtime stories our moms would tell us. By the way who tell kids about ghosts and witches expecting they will be relaxed and happy to sleep alone at night in the dark of their rooms? But there’s a third explanation. Physicists uses to say we only retain in our brain and memory a small part of all we see. There’s much more but our mind is not able to process it so we can’t actually “see” everything our eyes look. That can happen when is bright or dark and maybe what our eyes register when is dark can’t be translated to our mind but it’s unsettling enough to start our defense mechanisms. To creepy? maybe. But it’s also intriguing to guess what we can look but not actually see. Good night! : )

When i was young to skip a class and go to the mall would mean i was brave enough to challenge the authorities and to do as i pleased. It was a time for fun and for doing stuff we were usually not allowed. Jumping over the school walls and taking the bus hiding from the school’s personel. Drinking pops and eating candies in the movies. Fooling around and talking about grown people ways of life. I remember we used to look at the offices inside buildings across the plaza. I wanted to be one of those guys in meetings deciding great things. It was so amazing even today at 42 i still remember those moments. Today is a thursday much colder and pale than it should be since it’s still summer here. As my work is all done and it took until three in the morning to finish i decided to skip work in the morning. To have the morning free to do whatever i like. For a really funny unknown reason i didn’t go to the movies or had candies. I stayed at home and it’s different when you are not doing something forbidden. To skip work is almost the opposite of skipping classes. I’m really curious and interested in what’s going on in work and i’m calling people. I’m doing stuff that i needed and didn’t find time to as separating old T’s to give away and organize my documents. What a bore!!! I realized that what we were searching for when we skipped those classes was to be empowered. To be adults with a saying about what we want and where we wanna go and who we wanna be. That’s why i was so fascinated looking at those men in meetings because now i’m one of them and i really don’t want to be the kid in school. Lucky enough i’m exactly where i want… well…not today… i wanted to be at the office doing stuff.