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Today i received the visit of an inspector. Usually that’s not a problem but sometimes you get one if these folks that are interested to do some quick cash no matter what. I can swear to you that i told the guy: “My things in the company are all in order” and he replied “it’s doesn’t matter. I can find i flaw somewhere” and for him not to look at a possible flaw it would cost some cash. I got really upset and i was wondering what i could do to solve this problem. What i realized is that the guilty one is the government. Too bureaucratic. There are so many little changes in laws everyday in all kinds of sectors and it’s impossible for the regular user to follow all this. So what can i do in a case like this? Or i pay the guy or i hire an attourney and decide to go against him in the court of law. It’s not that i’m a saint but i really decided to go the hard way and tomorrow i have an interview with the lawyer. I can’t accept that we have no say in these matters and whe should play the game as it is without questioning. The system is corrupt and there’s too many people taking money from the productive sector. It’s a bubble like all these bubbles that are exploding and soon it has to explode too. I’m not even talking about the moral issue here. I heard stories like this in many countries and i know this one is not specific from Brasil. I’m taking about the complexity of things in a society like ours and how easy it is for a person to feel like the inside of a Kafkian book like “The process”

There’s a story by a very famous Brasilian writer and it goes like this: “Once upon a time in a village the doctor that took care from the psychiatric hospital decided that the method used to decide if a person is crazy was inacurate. Noticed that the bar was subjective. How can you know how much madness is mad enough? So he decided to change the bar. From that day on anyone that used bad words was considered mad. Anyone that spoke in a loud voice was concidered mad. Anyone that would drink or do any unhealthy thing was considered mad. Why not? Any sane person would prefer to have a good health. So after six months every person that lived or passed by the village was locked in the psychiatric hospital. The Doctor wondered about that situation and decided that if this matter is so subjective it was impossible that everyone but him were mad so he was the one who was mad and he decided to release everybody and lock himself.” I used this little tale of a great importance to wonder about today’s life and what could be called madness. All my conclusions point to the theoty that we all live in a giant mad house and that’s why there is no need to lock anyone. People are so intenselly caught in their day to day activities doing everything as it was the biggest emergency in the world that they don’t stop to look at each other and realize that’s pure madness. We are living too fast and too worried. Too Stressed and too scared. Too cold and to far from other people. Too ocupied to enjoy the little things. I guess when we stop we realize it’s already late for a change of plans. That’s why i remembered this little tale so we can wonder what is too much and think about looking a little bit to ourselves…

I never imagined that it could exist someone in this planet that don’t get moved by music. Who only turn on a radio to listen to the news. Who have no CDs and who cannot name more than a couple songs with enthusiasm. I met someone like that today and i can say it was a really great guy. The only strange thing was this. It’s not that he hates lasagna or chocolate or soccer or that he digs politicians or banks. He just don’t care about music. As he explain himself he says music is not mandatory in life. You dont need it to live and you can have fun with other things. He enjoys books for an example. It’s really truth what he says but still it sounds so strange. I was made to believe that with no music our lives has no inspiration. That we respond to music in a way that is so instictive that if we don’t have it ever we can loose motivation. I tried to wonder how it would be if i didn’t know any song at all but i have to say can’t grasp the feeling. My mind is too impregnated with music and sounds. But even if i don’t emotionally understand i have to say i totally understand logically and that makes me think that we are all really different and once we learn that and learn how to respect that everything is much easier.