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That’s not an usual challenge… But it’s halloween so let’s do it…lol…I have two shots…one is more obvious…even for carnivorous as myself…I like to look at my steak on the plate…not like this…lol…and the more important is a detail you will not recognize because it’s in portuguese….the brand of the product is “happy pig”… The second is about chaos and how some things so naive to us when out of context can give us a weird sensation…




Ok…Dreaming… I my friends know i love street photography and i love what a clean shot can give me. So i’m not the one with a big repertoire in long exposures. Anyway i find really interesting to play with it specially when there’s people involved. Something really amazing happens when we photograph. We actually can capture the image of a moment in time. When we  do a long exposure we capture many moments in one single shot. It’s something really amazing and intriguing. This shot i took in a New year’s eve on the dance floor. I love the mixture of bright and dark and blurry and sharp. The silhouettes pops up in a dreamy and ethereal way.




Movement. I guess there there are some ways of representing it. The first thing that pops in mind is blur. Movement generates blur. Funny that this is a photographic phenomenon. It doesn’t happen in the real world. Even so we always remember blur. How would the old represent movement? That’s an interesting question. I think that even more than blur the suspension of time photography allows can be the best instrument to show movement. A body falling from a building can be really crisp with no blur at all and yet the impression of speed will be enormous. A giant wave fills the same. Here is a much simpler example. A party and the movement people do when they are having fun. This shot is actually a frame of a music video i did last year. It depicts a party with a lot of thing going on…lots of movement…