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Wow… This is a challenge full of “possibilities” !! I really see a possibility in everything thing around me but let’s stay with the briefing and let’s think about possibility as being a “door” to somewhere else. To a new possible. I believe ideas can also play this role but it’s kinda hard to represent on images. So to start as close to the subjectivity of the theme i’ll show you the possibility hidden in the other side of the mirror. The world we will never set feet on and the only thing we can do about it is hold to the idea that this world is just a reflexion of this one… by the way this photo shows me back there taking the shot. It’s in chicago millenium park and this reflexion was produced by  Anish Kappor’s famous sculpture


To finish this week’s challenge i ask: What is your path?


To continue the challenge using it’s most direct interpretation i’ll use a couple shots i did in airports. I love the architecture they have in airports. It’s so inspirational and so cold at the same time.