Social media really took over our lives. Facebook is the tool i use to check out what is happening with almost everyone i know. It’s also the place where i debate my ideas. Much less now but still. Why less? I believe strongly that the kind of language and connection you use to exchange something impacts deeply in the result of the event to all members involved. It first social media was all too perfect. The future with no distance between loved ones. A warmer mankind. But wait. A warmer mankind in a medium composed by bits and bites silicone and electricity? Why not? And it worked like that for some time. Until the marriage was not new anymore. Until people learned all potencial offered by social media. Until it was clear facebook have no interlocutor. You post your idea. People read it. People write back. No expressions or emotions or body language. No negotiation or mutual solution. You leave that idea there for nobody. You don’t expect an answer. Just applause. If someone contest your ideia…that’s trolling. That person is a hater. So you leave your idea in that post not to be part of a dialogue. Of mutual growth. You become a little dictator. People are obligated to read what you say. And applaud. That problem of a room full of dictators is that nobody has somebody to rule. And dictators get really frustrated in a situation like that. They tend to loose it. They end relationships. They start fights over politics or religion on even trivial things. I’m one of them. You are probably too. So i step back and revaluate facebook in my life. I decide not to engage. I realize the medium is too cold for empathy. And without it most ideas take a wrong turn somewhere. At first i had to use DETOX. A plugin for facebook where you don’t read your newsfeed in the middle column. Instead it get flooded by design art and inspirational news. Yes. I had that for months. When i was ready i switched off. Now it see my friends really angry with other people and each other. And i use the time and energy to do things in the real world where i can exchange expecting to learn. I can use the time writing in here. After all haters are usually lazy and don’t waste their time reading much. Just enough to complain.

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Hello void. Once this was a well taken care of blog. There were friends and lots of exchange. Until…life took over and i didn’t put any more effort in this great space. Enough. Still life is in command and still is midnight here so that’s why i have some spare time. The fact is that writing is the best way for me to communicate with myself and you void is the best listener. You don’t expect gain and you don’t judge violently as social media does. By the way how angry and bureaucratic live in social media is growing to be. We are moving from 6 to 600 degrees of separation because of it. Anything is a reason for you not to agree and when you don’t agree in social media you must retaliate. Trump is surely a post social media president. He wouldn’t survive the old days of letters and post cards. Not enough room for discontent. As a result of all this now we have computers as main interlocutors between human interactions. I’m not sure it’s a good idea for us humans. I guess for computers it’s ok. Some people say some day computers will take over anyways. In the meantime i wish to get back to a less rude form of digital interaction and the space is exactly it. Thanks void. I hope you get back being a populated space with friends and exchange. Good week to you…

Hello my dear friends in wordpress… It’s been a long time since my last post!!! It’s been really a long time and there are many reasons for it. The first and most important is called Valentina. She is my first baby daughter and she was born on june 17. As some of you know having a first baby it’s a full time job… But that’s not the only reason for my absence. There was also a major professional change that took a lot of my time and also the post production of my first doc “Echos of chaos”. This last one is the reason of the post…of course Valentina would be an even bigger reason but i’m waiting a bit more to post pictures of her…overprotective daddy issues…lol… I know even all these are not enough excuses for this long absence but that’s what happened. The doc is ready but not released yet and i’ll start sending it to a couple documentary film festivals. Anyway it’s here for any of you who wishes to check it out… as a private thing of course as for festivals only take films that were not yet released… this is the link : and the password is: festival . I would love to hear some comments about it. Good or bad… doesn’t matter…What matters is to have unbiased critics… 🙂 … By the way it’s about orchestral music and musical creation… I’ll be here much more often now so see you guys!!!

PS: some stills from the doc and a shot of the first private screening with me explaining a bit about the process…

DSC01999 rehersal 1 ensemble 1 cheers 1 orchestra 2