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To continue this week’s challenge i’m posting a shot i took in an expo that happened inside a construction site. It was wonderful. Textures in places like these are everywhere. Even in the EMERGENCY EXIT (SAIDA DE EMERGENCIA)…lol


To continue the challenge using it’s most direct interpretation i’ll use a couple shots i did in airports. I love the architecture they have in airports. It’s so inspirational and so cold at the same time.




I don’t run. I’m too fat to run but i can understand some of the things about it. I was thinking about writing a blog daily for a year and how close it is to a marathon. To write a short story one need a lot of passion and some knowledge about writing. To write a novel one must have a lot of practice and many tools at his/her hand. So short story is like a quarter mile and a novel is like a Marathon. So what is a blog in the running world? Probably has to do with pilgrimage. Blogging can be very long. Even longer than a novel or two. The difference is that as in a pilgrimage bloggers have feedback and experience exchanges. Bloggers also can choose how much do they want to walk and they can do it for many short periods. Novelists in other hand are lonely and focused on the finish line. The last line of the novel. Bloggers are writing and enjoying the process more than the result. There’s nothing better in a journey than being able to experience and exchange the more we can so blogging may not have a book or two as a result but it’s surely the best way to travel.