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Well… As i work with film and photography i must say that light is always more than welcome…Usually hidden but not always. not in this case. I just love the effects you can get out of artificial lights and it’s amazing how we are always trying to emulate natural light with it. So i selected some shots from the sets. I also selected a shot from the good of all lights…so we can see the resemblance…and a shot of the “subject” being carried…as we can carry the sun…lol…great week to you all!!!







Wow…This is a challenge that asks for a gallery. Some of the shots many will know already… Because i love the horizon and i’m always posting it… Anyways it’s a great way to wish a great week to you all… 🙂

I just love the sea… So i already posted many shot of it. And because i love to subvert a bit the challenge i’ll post something that means sea to me but not actually the sea itself. Luckily i took this shot today, saturday. I had to do a trip by Helicopter. The clouds below the plateau makes me remember the sea waves and the water on the plateau gives me a twisted feeling about the composition…