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The first thing that comes to my mind when i hear saturated…Mexico!!! Sure…lol…How well these folks work with colours… So i’ll mosaic once again with the colour of Mexico City 🙂 And to all a great week!

Ok… i’m a week late but better late than ever… lol…Let’s talk about culture… It’s one of the main reasons why photography is so amazing… images from different countries can travel and people who never left their hometowns can catch a glimpse of what happens in very different places with very different people. Of course in older days that was much more important than today where you can really have windows all around the planet using the web. This shot is kinda controversial because is not actually about a culture but it’s about the death of culture in these new days with it’s new ways of mixtures where all cultures becomes the same… it was shot in NY at the subway…He was playing a really sad song but noone was really listening. In other times maybe his music could cheer people and make a difference but there he was as invisible as one can get…


Inside is good. It means exploring. It means going further and deeper. It’s a great theme for photography. This shot i took early this year in Buenos Aires. There is a famous street fair in “El caminito”. It means the short way. It’s all about Argentina’s art traditions and mostly Tango. From the street i would see houses like this one i shot. Stairways leading somewhere…sometimes a store sometimes a restaurant i don’t know. I didn’t check all. But they were always inviting me to explore with their doors open and their insides exposed.