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That’s not an usual challenge… But it’s halloween so let’s do it…lol…I have two shots…one is more obvious…even for carnivorous as myself…I like to look at my steak on the plate…not like this…lol…and the more important is a detail you will not recognize because it’s in portuguese….the brand of the product is “happy pig”… The second is about chaos and how some things so naive to us when out of context can give us a weird sensation…



Wow…This is a challenge that asks for a gallery. Some of the shots many will know already… Because i love the horizon and i’m always posting it… Anyways it’s a great way to wish a great week to you all… 🙂

I just love the sea… So i already posted many shot of it. And because i love to subvert a bit the challenge i’ll post something that means sea to me but not actually the sea itself. Luckily i took this shot today, saturday. I had to do a trip by Helicopter. The clouds below the plateau makes me remember the sea waves and the water on the plateau gives me a twisted feeling about the composition…