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That’s not an usual challenge… But it’s halloween so let’s do it…lol…I have two shots…one is more obvious…even for carnivorous as myself…I like to look at my steak on the plate…not like this…lol…and the more important is a detail you will not recognize because it’s in portuguese….the brand of the product is “happy pig”… The second is about chaos and how some things so naive to us when out of context can give us a weird sensation…




Interesting…because we usually try to look up! lol …there’s that tale about the guy walking always looking down. A second guy observes him for a while decides to start talking to him: “You should not look down where there’s dirt. You should always look up to the sky and imagine great possibilities. You gotta be positive about things. Looking up m…” and because the second guy was always looking up he didn’t notice the hole in the ground. As the first guy always looked down there he was ready to catch the second guy who got a little ashamed but thankful…


Today i was robed in a really different way. At least for my internet money robbery was not my reality until now. I heard many people saying: change your password and make it difficult. I never did. Actually i used the same password for most things online. No more. At 5 am today someone got into my skype and used it to make 200 bucks in calls to Pakistan. All different numbers so there’s nobody i can try to blame on the other side of the line. Those were probably prank calls. Just  to use the money. Skype has this bad habit as most internet companies do have to convince you to use automatic renewal. If i didn’t use it they would not spend my 200. They would probably spend 10 bucks. So i learned my lesson: taking more care of my digital wallet because as i talked to them this morning i learned they will not give my money back or even leave that amount as future credit. They say my password is my business. I guess it is.