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What a great challenge…Life is happening in the Streets. That’s the subject i prefer to capture. The true moments are all there… I’ll post some stuff and explain a bit:


This first shot was in a protest here in São Paulo, Brasil. A Very patriotic time to be in the streets of the big city…




Now another aspect of it. A day of heavy rain mixed with poor street planning. Water all over and people risking by walking in the middle of the street…



An everyday life beauty. Mother and daughter buying fruit….

Captura de Tela 2013-11-15 às 01.43.22



And to finish this one, a rebel with his skate, defying the streets…





That’s it for today… I could bore you with much more because i really love street photography but i feel that’s enough…a great wee to you all!!!


In my life i travelled to other countries and that’s why i can say i understand the idea behind this challenge. I say this because this is true only because i travelled to countries with well defined seasons. In my country and specially in my city you can have the four seasons in a day. It can be freezing in the morning and sunny and really hot at lunch and then in the afternoon is raining cats and dogs and so on. They call it tropical climate but i really think the correct name is chaos. So my shot for this challenge is a little different. It shows how the season changes that can happen in hours can catch us off guard.



That’s a great subject. Regret can be translated in many different ways and it’s an interesting way of approaching the photo challenge. To start i’ll use i shot i did today. The rain was so strong that the street where i work was under water. This genius decided that the only drier place to walk he could find would be the middle of the street. The higher ground. He just didn’t realize that when a car or a motorcycle decides to move they use the street to do it!! At least he only got wet but i bet he regret his decision of walking in the middle of the street…