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The films “21 grams” mentions a research showing that a person in a scale will loose 21 grams just after the moment of death. A supposition coming from this result implies that the soul or what makes us humans weights then this 21 grams. The weight of our souls. I try to imagine why someone would do an experiment like this and i wonder how many important discoveries were made in science. I also wonder how society chooses the way to use these discoveries and the consequences of that. I saw my grandmother suffering so much. She stayed in the hospital four months before her death with no chance of survival. The machines and techniques of the hospital were powerful enough to “give’ her four extra months of life. Four months of pain. I know many cases like this and i’m not using my granny to get your support. It’s really an example and many of you may know others just like this. The fact is that she was deformed because of the liquids in her body. Se had huge wounds on her back from being in the hospital bed for a long time. She had a machine to breath for months so she could not eat or speak. And then she died. I don’t know if i’m wrong to say that but to me looked like they tortured her for four months. I know doctors have the obligation to do whatever they can and the family would never buy the idea that just letting it go could be better but to me that looked like a bad ending. When you have a great love and it finishes you want to preserve the good things about it so you end before all you can remember is negative. She left life hating it and spending a lot of time asking to die with no answer. She probably have terrible memories from life she took with her. Those 21 grams don’t want to ever come back to this life and all of this is a benefit from our advanced society and it’s medicine. I really believe in advance and i really believe in medicine. I have to thank medicine for been alive right now but in my point of view the moral codes doctors found to practice their profession are really wrong. There should be a point where keeping a person alive with pain and no hope is plain wrong. A moment when machines should be turned off. Some kind of respect for those 21 grams that means so much to some. I know it’s a hard task to ask for those left behind but their time will arrive too and if is like they say and “death is not the end” we are sending many souls to heaven’s shrinks!!!

Today i’ll talk a little about my self just to change a bit. It’s 22:40 and i just arrived home after a great shooting for a cereal. Kids skating in a beautiful plaza with a lot of action. The light was awesome and the sky perfect until 14:00. It started to rain and it didn’t just rain. I was i big flood. We hade more than two hundred people in this shooting and to evacuate this place was an ordeal. Chaos and people running for shelter all over. Even so i think i have the film and the client was very happy. The most interesting things about shootings is the unexpected like a couple bums that decided to take a bath in the fountain we were using as a background or the preacher right next to us that was using aerobic workout in his open air mass. I bet really busy in the set so i just have a few seconds to register these events. If i had extra time i would surely go to other directors shootings just to watch and have fun and take some pictures. For that i gotta tell everyone: there is nothing better than doing what you love and i love to film. Theres no better day than a day on the set. To all my friend of wordpress a great week and tomorrow i’ll go back to my regular kind of post. I leave you with a pict from the beginning of the day.

“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man” Samuel Johnson’s quote opens a great discussion on alcohol and drugs. Getting high is often used as scape pods from reality that lasts a while and leaves giant hangover. But what do people needs to scape from? Imagining i would really have a need to use drugs i could say the price to pay is very high. Social life gets impaired and work slows down and after a while it can be really dangerous for your health. So what to do with this drugs issue? Educate people enough so they can know better and you will only have left the dealing issue and the crime that comes with it. In my opinion the only way to end the drug dealing problem is to make it legal. The consumption is the key for this problem. There will be always sellers if there are buyers and you can kill as much dealers as you want and drugs will keep moving from their producers to the consumers. Sadly our society is to hypocrite to do something like this and crime will always be related to drugs use. And more sadly our society is the one to blame because again why do people need scape pods? Why do they need to step away from reality? Why does so many people still says things like “he does it because he is weak. I could do it but i chose taking responsibility for my actions”. We are advanced enough in our society to know that people are different so either we assume our position and state it’s each one for himself or we start respecting the weakness of some so later on some can respect our weakness. I think o good place to start is to learn what do we need to scape from and after we find out we should really try to scape. Not by using drugs but physically doing it. Fighting against oppressions instead of doping our minds to feel numb. Fighting for ourselves instead of giving our self to others and doping our minds to accept our destiny. Fighting for ourselves instead of just letting it go. Instead of smoking pot go surf and enjoy the day. Instead of using cocaine go search for real adventure. Instead of shooting heroin go do hours on meditation. There’s always another way to find reward even in these very arid times. We should choose life!