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This is an interesting effect that starts with a panoramic photo. I shot this at Berlin. It’s the “Spree” (the river). After that i produce a polar panoramic. It’s cool the way it looks like a little planet. So this is my planet “Spree”.

Some say dreams are the mind interpretation of our current event. Others say it’s the reboot of the brain and it’s cleaning system. Other says it’s were we can see the future and the past. Orpheus was always a wonder subject in all cultures. We still don’t understand all the reasons involved in our dreams. Scientists can explain some neurological aspects and spiritualists try to guess but there’s no complete version of it. Nobody knows. I can tell from my own experience that i already had a dream of things to come. And things came. Maybe it was just a coincidence but i rarely remember my dreams and that one woke me up. Six months later i learned a really big healthy issue that is resolved right now but had no way to be mistaken by any other event. Still that was the only time it happened and that can’t prove anything. Maybe there’s a quantic explanation saying that the power of that dream could materialize the event afterwords. Who knows. Freud said dreams are the interpretations of our desires and fears. But some dreams are so confusing. It’s kinda hard to accept this theory. Maybe it’s a channel to the divine. Maybe there’s something else out there and the way we communicate with it is in our dreams. All we know is that Mr. Sandman’s realms are still a mystery too good to be solved.

I was never the popular kid. I did have friends and can’t complain about it. My friends were the outcasts and i loved it but always there was a kind of worry. What did the popular boys and girls thought about us? About me? I just hate the fact that i need acceptance but i do. At least some. Today much much less. I need probably just to be accepted by those i selected to be on my side. Those times in other hand i really needed approval. I really got hurt if someone didn’t like me and as i know today not everybody does like me. That’s probably one of the most valuable lessons i ever learned and it was really hard to learn it. Nobody is obligated to like you and you are not obligated to like anybody. It’s just like that. It’s not a bad thing if someone don’t enjoy you. Of course you can’t fight the world but you also can’t please everybody and that’s what this lesson i learned is about. Don’t dress for others. Don’t drink for others. Don’t smoke for others. Don’t take drugs for others. People come and go and those who like you the way you are will stick there and those who doesn’t should be able to learn that as soon as possible and move on. Trying to change someone’s opinion about yourself is not very productive. Either you end up changing yourself to satisfy other’s tastes and needs or they will end up leaving you anyway. So i’m glad i was an outcast and i’m glad i don’t care for being popular anymore. I’m very honest when i comes to exchange. I do a lot of things for other people but i always know what and if i’m getting something in return. And who doesn’t like it the way it is can always move on.