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Well… As i work with film and photography i must say that light is always more than welcome…Usually hidden but not always. not in this case. I just love the effects you can get out of artificial lights and it’s amazing how we are always trying to emulate natural light with it. So i selected some shots from the sets. I also selected a shot from the good of all lights…so we can see the resemblance…and a shot of the “subject” being carried…as we can carry the sun…lol…great week to you all!!!







I just love the sea… So i already posted many shot of it. And because i love to subvert a bit the challenge i’ll post something that means sea to me but not actually the sea itself. Luckily i took this shot today, saturday. I had to do a trip by Helicopter. The clouds below the plateau makes me remember the sea waves and the water on the plateau gives me a twisted feeling about the composition…


The famous golden hour… The time every photographer wishes to be out in the street taking some shots..The magic hour where any shot look great…well…it’s not like that but it surely helps the have great lightning… and the sun is the king of light…golden hour is it’s best performance… Here are some shots i took in many different occasions…all in this great golden hour…