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That’s a REALLY polemic issue so if you are faint at heart please stop reading it. I had lunch with a good friend and we were talking about gadgets and tech when after years i learned he was one of them. The believers. I’m really not either one thing or the other but still i can’t pretend i don’t get amazed by the power of imagination. For some reason i realized the topic never came up because when it did my friend came out of the closet: He is an active believer. In case some of you don’t know what i’m talking about there’s a huge amount of people who not just believe that extra terrestrial life is a possibility (that i too believe) but they are sure it’s happening right here and right now for as long as life on earth existed. They claim aliens lives among us in disguise performing important things for the benefit of mankind. Surely those workers in the japanese nuclear plant were aliens who were kind enough to take the heat for human beings. My friend was trying to explain to me why he was sure Einstein was an alien and also Jesus Christ. For what i understood from that conversation many of you probably believe in things like that as well. There are other factions as the ones who believe they are here collecting data and someday they’ll end our world. There’s one really radical that i can relate with. They say we are the aliens dropped on earth millions of years ago. That could be possible in my point of view. The fact is the aliens are here in the mind of a great amount of people and it’s interesting to wonder why does that happen. Maybe in this plural world we live just to have a god is not enough anymore. We need heroes and aliens and celebrities and thinkers to show us the way and tell us what to do. Maybe we are getting really worried about what a dump is our planet becoming and we are trying to find an easy way out. E.T. phone home.

Kubrick was totally ignored. The biggest fiasco on this blog and my favorite director got 6 views in 12 hours. The list of films just before him got three hundred views and the guy that made the films got 6 so far. I makes me remember of a story my father told me years ago. My grandfather went to the airport because a very important man was arriving and he was supposed to meet him. That man was Alexander Fleming. The man that saved more lives in the world till this day. He invented Penicillin and for that Time Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century. He also got a Nobel Prize for that. When my grandfather got to the airport there was a festive crowd. Lots of people waiting and my grandfather got really happy because he realized those people knew how important that man was. As Mr. Fleming arrived he noticed nobody knew his face and in his naivety he started talking to some folks “This one is M.r Fleming” thinking he was about to help solving the misunderstanding. Finally one of the folks approached and said: “Hello. Really glad to meet you Mr. Fleming. I’m a Doctor you know? Very fond or your work. What a lucky coincidence!!”. The fact is that him and all other people were there to see the soccer team that was arriving from an important game. Am i judging that people? No way. That’s not what this post is about.The importance of something doesn’t make it necessarily popular. Still it’s interesting to see what kind of subjects are popular and what are not. What deserves people’s attention. How pop do we have to be? I think that’s the first time i think about it in this blog because it’s idea was always deliver the things i like to whoever likes to read it but it’s hard to get the eyes away from those numbers. Measures always makes a difference and in popularity it’s no different. I’ll try to get rid of the stats right now! Or i’ll start posting on ABC’s series!!! : )

We are totally on cinema now… So i decided to talk a little about one of my favorite directors. I talked a bit about auteurs in my other post but this one is about actual direction and Kubrick is probably the most director of all directors. Starts by the way he chooses his stories. Those are not his stories but ones he decided to bring to life on the big screen. Dr. Strangelove, 2001, Clockwork orange, Shinning, Lolita,Spartacus and Barry Lindon among others. Some of the best films ever were done by him. He was a real obsessive and everyone who worked with him says it was really hard. What most don’t know is that he got stuck on his own trap. In the 80’s after Full Metal Jacket he couldn’t find a story he liked to direct. The researchers found a big room like those from psychos movies with thousands of papers written by him searching for ideas. They found out he got really obsessed about this and some say he became a kind of inmate for years. After giving us all those amazing films he still wasn’t done with it. He wanted much more. I know many directors made more movies than him but i’m not talking about quantity. I’m talking about quality. After making those movies he was able to deliver even better things? How to deliver better after Clockwork Orange? I think it’s impossible. Ok…Not better just different. Still it could not be just your everyday subject. The guy was really picky. I guess the question remaining is: Since he died making his last Movie “Eyes wide shut” was that movie we watched on the theaters with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman his final piece??? Or just part of it? The part his team was able to put together? What that his last statement?