Hello my dear friends in wordpress… It’s been a long time since my last post!!! It’s been really a long time and there are many reasons for it. The first and most important is called Valentina. She is my first baby daughter and she was born on june 17. As some of you know having a first baby it’s a full time job… But that’s not the only reason for my absence. There was also a major professional change that took a lot of my time and also the post production of my first doc “Echos of chaos”. This last one is the reason of the post…of course Valentina would be an even bigger reason but i’m waiting a bit more to post pictures of her…overprotective daddy issues…lol… I know even all these are not enough excuses for this long absence but that’s what happened. The doc is ready but not released yet and i’ll start sending it to a couple documentary film festivals. Anyway it’s here for any of you who wishes to check it out… as a private thing of course as for festivals only take films that were not yet released… this is the link : https://vimeo.com/97090902 and the password is: festival . I would love to hear some comments about it. Good or bad… doesn’t matter…What matters is to have unbiased critics… 🙂 … By the way it’s about orchestral music and musical creation… I’ll be here much more often now so see you guys!!!

PS: some stills from the doc and a shot of the first private screening with me explaining a bit about the process…

DSC01999 rehersal 1 ensemble 1 cheers 1 orchestra 2