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I feel really terrible. It’s more than a month since i posted. I’ve been crazy and around….really. Lol…In part it’s good cause that’s where we get our history and also our images from…So i’ll start unloading in this challenge. Two weeks ago i was in Israel for a commercial with a soccer player. I visited Jerusalem, a place with a very strong energy. I guess a nice trio would be each photo one religion but as the challenge needs the specific model of establishing to close shots it will not be possible. So i chose the arabs and their details. That market has many of them… The First photo shows the mosque. The second the interior of the market and the third the spices. Really an interesting place.


That’s not an usual challenge… But it’s halloween so let’s do it…lol…I have two shots…one is more obvious…even for carnivorous as myself…I like to look at my steak on the plate…not like this…lol…and the more important is a detail you will not recognize because it’s in portuguese….the brand of the product is “happy pig”… The second is about chaos and how some things so naive to us when out of context can give us a weird sensation…



That’s an easy one… every photo comes from an opportunity. Of course some opportunities are open for less time than others but still if there’s not an opportunity there’s no need for a photo. Lets try to stick to the subject the better we can really thinking about the harder to find opportunities. To start the challenge i’m posting a shot i took in Uruguai last year. I just had lunch with my wife at the central market of Montevideo and we heard a lot of noise. Students that just got into college were making a common ritual at that country where they throw flour and eggs and all sorts of dirt at each other to celebrate their entrance at the university. It was kinda hard to take the shot without getting dirt…