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I’m a virgo and virgos love to arrange things but i’ll try not to show my mania for arranging so i don’t freak you guys out. Instead i’ll show some things that were arranged before i arrived. In this shot i did inside a factory these thread  reels where displayed this way probably for productivity matters but the symmetry is pleasing to my virgo’s eyes…



I have just the shot for this one. It was about 4 years ago in NYC. I love the subways and the way you can witness all those different characters. One of the things i love about it also is the way you can see the people in the other side of the station through the windows of the trains. It looks almost like they were ghosts or very short moments never to happen again. Maybe it’s the speed of the cars that gives me this sensation. Maybe is the fact that those framings will never happen again. But then again everything in photography and in life doesn’t happen again… 🙂


That’s an interesting subject…and i have an interesting shot for that… aha!!! The mannequins in Miami Beach are totally weird. Giant breasts!!! lol …all of them… i have a couple shots of those. And with the clothes they get even worst….