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When the british brought the first cameras to some tribes in africa the africans got really scared and refused to pose for the photographs. They had thought that if a camera captures your image it will also capture your soul that will be locked in it forever. That’s an interesting idea. I’m not sure if the african who said that was being literal or if that was a metaphor. If he really meant “soul” or the fact that something about him could be printed  for everyone to see and could be able to move away from his actual self forever yet still be able to show his features. I love to go to concerts and i was in an U2 concert a couple months ago. It amazed me the amount of people with cameras. I could say the audience was not watching the show but taking pictures or videos of it. Most people literally saw Bono mostly through the screen of their cyber shots. It that african witnessed that scene he would maybe realize he was totally right about that “soul cage”. My generation is using digital media to archive our passage through life and in this process we are spreading our “soul” all around in a zillion tiny pieces. Don’t get me wrong. I love photography as na art where the photographer searches for memorable examples of what is enchanting in this world and it’s impressive how effective these images can be over people’s emotions. Unfortunately the records my generation is producing is mostly mediocre. Art and inspiraton is certainly not the reason all these folks were taking shots of the event. Today if you don’t have an image to show you didn’t see it. The power of the word is less important than the power of the image. It really makes me afraid because for one to record there should be a subject and if more and more people are interested in only recording there will be less and less content. A world filled with images that have no soul.

Today is sunday and in Brasil it means there’s soccer and it also means a lot of fans screaming at each other. A lot of winners making fun of loosers and a lot of people fighting over something that has actually nothing to do with their lives. Facebook and Twitter is full of messages and jokes and some people are drinking at bars to celebrate something which i can’t really grasp. Don’t get me wrong as i like sports and i think is amazing what these guys can do. They are real heroes. The problem for me are the fans with their rockets and horns and their loud voices sometimes very late at night waking people because of their amusement. The problem is the fact that the only subject these people can talk about in parties and at lunch or anywhere you can have a conversation is soccer. Players and games and judges and teams and captains and gols. Wow. These people are so annoying. What to expect from someone that can hurt someone just because the team lost the game? These people get in fights and they hate other people. There’s a big issue between São Paulo (my city) and Rio de Janeiro and that’s because of soccer. There also a big issue between Brasilians and Argetinians for the same reason. That makes me sad. Other things makes me furious like the fact they close one of São Paulo’s main Avenues so hundreds of thousand fans can celebrate on sunday and that’s three blocks from my apartment. I never saw that many people together helping to build houses for the poor or taking care of the homeless. Maybe i’m overreacting and maybe it’s just me but i think it’s wrong.

To finish this week’s challenge i will post a shot i took in Cannes. It was high european summer and that water from the Mediterranean sea was the most refreshing thing in the universe.