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Ok…lol…in case you didn’t get this… the name of the pyramid is SUN…lol…and i took this shot standing in a pyramid called MOON… So i hope that does it for this week’s challenge!!! 🙂 …by the way that’s in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Well… I felt kinda funny about this one when i saw the photo in dailypost. I believe that one or two or three or more subjects becomes always one composition. One. I don’t know about two separate subjects in the same frame. When you frame right they become one shot. That’s it. Do you guys also feel that way? I mean? can there be successful framing if there’s two contexts happening??? I don’t mean that’s what the post says but that’s what i felt about the shot they used. I’ll then post some shots with two subjects but in the same context… Let’s see if that works fine on the challenge… That really a challenge!!! lol



That’s the very thing that moves me…Travelling. Trying to find journeys to see things i never saw before and people different from the people i know. A Journey can be so different from each other. Life is a journey. So this time i’ll stick with the beginning… the promisse… of what can happen if you decide to go on a journey… this first shot i took couple years ago shows a scene that is common in an airport. Also a scene that indicates the beginning of a journey…