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The first thing that comes to my mind when i hear saturated…Mexico!!! Sure…lol…How well these folks work with colours… So i’ll mosaic once again with the colour of Mexico City 🙂 And to all a great week!

Great challenge this one… Lines and patterns….the notion of organization. A man’s made concept. Nature doesn’t love to follow these simple patterns; usually being much more complex… Sometimes they give us humans a sense of tranquility…sometimes the opposite…anyway they are always recognized really fast…



A photographer always tries to come with different ways of showing what one sees…That’s the job. The tech aspects of the trade are the less important to me. The signature of the one who took the shot is what photography is all about. So this is an important subject… I took this shot in Berlin in the memorial for the murdered jews in europe.




here is another view from the memorial i just took from the web:

GERMANY, Berlin. Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust.