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We are probably all fighter. I heard that the other day. Mankind lived for millions of years fighting to survive in an environment where food should be hunted and we were also considered food by some. That’s why i feel hunger and craving. Because we needed this instinct to never forget to eat while there was something to eat. We didn’t know where there would be more to eat if ever. That’s why we developed creativity. It’s a mechanism spawned by fear. We needed to create defenses on the spot to fight of to run from other animals. We needed to create shelter when there was none. We needed to understand the way things work in order to survive. And our fight was a big one: Fight for survival. After these millions of years our instincts are printed in our genes so we keep doing what we learned before. But there is a lot of food. There’s very little fear. There’s tranquility. I know you all are probably saying: Yeee… You have tranquility…come spend a month at my house and you’ll learn the meaning of fear…lol… ok… i believe you but yet if compared to our previous history that’s peanuts. That’s why we would live for no more than 20 years and today we can do it over 100. I’m saying all this because there’s something about tranquility. Usually when i find myself really calm i feel there’s something missing. I worry. It sounds dumb to worry but still i do and i know a lot of people like me. Why is it so hard to just be? To let go and give up. To let the senses run the show and not the mind. Maybe this internal voice we have telling us to run while we can and to eat while there’s food never let us calm. Doctors say there’s something to do with a deep fear of death. To me one does not need to be a doctor to get this. Mankind always were afraid of death and this is not because we were fighting for survival. It’s because we don’t know what’s there after death? It’s because we know in our genes but we don’t want to accept it? These days we fight other kinds of fights. We fight to make money and to stay fit and we fight to stay sane. These are important fights to us now but for some reason they’re mild. More people seams to loose interest in fighting. More cases depression every year. More fobias. New kinds of mental deseases. New auto imune deseases. Things we never heard before. Seams like some are giving up and it’s hard to understand why since apparently things are easier these days. But then again maybe we were crafted to suffer and fight hard for our survival. In this case too much wellness can be bad to the health of our kind?

Amazingly i’m doing ok in my quest for health. I lost 25 pounds already in this first 35 days. I still have a long way so i gotta feel determined to go on since the fear of health issues that made me start this diet so well already faded. I feel really good eating less and doing 45 mins od stationary bike everyday. Sometimes there’s a huge crave but it goes away. The changes in routine are the most scary thing now. I’m 100 percent then i go to a dinner in a client’s house. The food is all full of calories so i gotta eat less than usual. I get home starving and i try to remember: One day at a time. It will pass and tomorrow everything starts again. It makes one wonder how crazy is our relation with the fuel we need to survive. As i read in history men have starved for millions of years. Before the last 5 thousand years men were not very good in finding and keeping food so men starved and died of hunger. Probably that’s why we feel so helpless when we have to avoid food. It’s going against an old instinct forged in our DNA to keep us alive . Yes… It’s hard to go against your own nature. But not impossible. Of course the very developed food industry now creates the inverse situation. Food is too easy to find even when we don’t want to so we lost the measure of how much is healthy to consume. I hope some day there will be signs in Big Macs like those signs the put on cigarette boxes. ” Surgeon general warning: This burger may destroy your heart and may give you colon cancer” or ” Surgeon general warning: this milkshake can make you forget the name of your wife” or even ”  Surgeon general warning: This chocolate may complicate your diabetes and make you loose your legs”

Today we know many aspects of our history and why did we developed some features and abilities. Scientists learn everyday how we evolve to fit survival and progress. The bald guys are genetically more evolved than the hairy guys and that’s because now we have roofs over our head and we don’t need hair to protect our skin. In other areas like food supply and the means to get it we evolved too fast and our bodies didn’t have time enough to adjust. We got fat because it’s easier today to get food. Of course a kid growing in a poor area in Africa would disagree but mostly today is much easier. Our bodies are getting used to more dangerous viruses and bacteria. But things are changing faster and faster and that makes the gap between our biological evolution and our habitat evolution bigger and bigger. An example of that is the solar protection factor we are using. In the 60’s that didn’t even exist. I remember in the 70’s my mom using tanning lotion with no protection and lying at the sun at noon. Today if i do that i’ll use solar protection factor 45. In twenty years it’ll get to more than a hundred just to go to work. Our bodies didn’t have the time to adjust to that. I wonder what will happen in the next hundred years. Things are changing really fast. I remember when i spent 5 hours on the internet in the 90’s. My dad told me i was crazy and i felt really dizzy. Today most people as myself use to spend more than 5 hours a day doing things online. And we are getting fatter and lazy. I’m lucky for not being really good in predictions. I would not sleep thinking about what we will look like in a hundred years. I hope this curve changes and things get a little more healthy.