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I live in a really urban scene. My city (São Paulo) has 22 million people and growing and i live in the central area of the city. I love to walk around sometimes at night photographing what i see. It’s something amazing to do. The only negative side of it is that it can be really dangerous…

What can be called wrong? What doesn’t fit? What doesn’t belong? i took this shot in Miami january this year…i can’t say it’s wrong. Maybe funny. But for me wrong defines politicians and criminals…lol…and i never photographed either of those two….


The tide is something that reminds me a lot about growth. It amazes me how precise it is. Week after week and feet after feet. Of course sometimes the oceans can cover entire cities but it’s not about the tides. It’s nature’s clock working on it’s best! I took this shot last week in Natal. I was there for a week and it was amazing!