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You know what i mean. You wake up clueless and start a regular day. It’s impossible to predict that a couple hours later everything you believe was right will collapse under your feet and you will fall no matter what. I think most of you probably had already one day like this or many. Today it was this day for me. Funny thing when we are on the edge of trouble our personality flourishes best. I can say i was able to hold on in there until everything was saved. The interesting thing is how close it is to a thunder storm. You feel it will be the end of the world but in stops eventually and when it ends it doesn’t take long to feel like it happened decades ago. There’s always something good to learn from days like these. Today i learned that people lie. It doesn’t matter how good they are. They lie. It’s just what they do. I also learned that people don’t measure consequences specially when these consequences will not be happening to them but to someone else. The important thing is that the day ended and everything that looked helpless before was fixed somehow. If things were easy we would not fight for them, right? So now the only thing that can fix one of those days. A great shower and my bed. My safe place in this world.

Kubrick was totally ignored. The biggest fiasco on this blog and my favorite director got 6 views in 12 hours. The list of films just before him got three hundred views and the guy that made the films got 6 so far. I makes me remember of a story my father told me years ago. My grandfather went to the airport because a very important man was arriving and he was supposed to meet him. That man was Alexander Fleming. The man that saved more lives in the world till this day. He invented Penicillin and for that Time Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century. He also got a Nobel Prize for that. When my grandfather got to the airport there was a festive crowd. Lots of people waiting and my grandfather got really happy because he realized those people knew how important that man was. As Mr. Fleming arrived he noticed nobody knew his face and in his naivety he started talking to some folks “This one is M.r Fleming” thinking he was about to help solving the misunderstanding. Finally one of the folks approached and said: “Hello. Really glad to meet you Mr. Fleming. I’m a Doctor you know? Very fond or your work. What a lucky coincidence!!”. The fact is that him and all other people were there to see the soccer team that was arriving from an important game. Am i judging that people? No way. That’s not what this post is about.The importance of something doesn’t make it necessarily popular. Still it’s interesting to see what kind of subjects are popular and what are not. What deserves people’s attention. How pop do we have to be? I think that’s the first time i think about it in this blog because it’s idea was always deliver the things i like to whoever likes to read it but it’s hard to get the eyes away from those numbers. Measures always makes a difference and in popularity it’s no different. I’ll try to get rid of the stats right now! Or i’ll start posting on ABC’s series!!! : )