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That’s a REALLY polemic issue so if you are faint at heart please stop reading it. I had lunch with a good friend and we were talking about gadgets and tech when after years i learned he was one of them. The believers. I’m really not either one thing or the other but still i can’t pretend i don’t get amazed by the power of imagination. For some reason i realized the topic never came up because when it did my friend came out of the closet: He is an active believer. In case some of you don’t know what i’m talking about there’s a huge amount of people who not just believe that extra terrestrial life is a possibility (that i too believe) but they are sure it’s happening right here and right now for as long as life on earth existed. They claim aliens lives among us in disguise performing important things for the benefit of mankind. Surely those workers in the japanese nuclear plant were aliens who were kind enough to take the heat for human beings. My friend was trying to explain to me why he was sure Einstein was an alien and also Jesus Christ. For what i understood from that conversation many of you probably believe in things like that as well. There are other factions as the ones who believe they are here collecting data and someday they’ll end our world. There’s one really radical that i can relate with. They say we are the aliens dropped on earth millions of years ago. That could be possible in my point of view. The fact is the aliens are here in the mind of a great amount of people and it’s interesting to wonder why does that happen. Maybe in this plural world we live just to have a god is not enough anymore. We need heroes and aliens and celebrities and thinkers to show us the way and tell us what to do. Maybe we are getting really worried about what a dump is our planet becoming and we are trying to find an easy way out. E.T. phone home.

It’s 17:08h and i leave at 18… The last days were so full i left at 20:30h at least but today everything is done and i’m set to go home. Looking at the clock in the wall makes me remember how time can be stretchy even on Einstein’s point of view. The second’s hand is taking at least a minute to move. Somedays have only twenty minutes and others have two hundred hours. Years pass in a couple minutes and some important moments can take forever to finally happen. It’s so interesting how do we relate to time and yet our clock does not know anything about it. It a really dumb machine! All the days have the same amount of seconds as if in reality it was just like that. I guess that “relativeness” of our time (not the Einstein one, mine one LOL) is of major importance to our human existence. It makes us feel immortals. Ten or forty years old and feel almost equally distant from death. I makes us feel fresh. Ten or forty years alo and we feel like we still have a lot to live and a lot to learn. Sometimes on monday we wake up with thirty and just after a short phone call we may feel sixty. It’s all so relative. My father is seventy and i’m forty but he is surely younger than me. If one day he leaves me i’ll grow easily thirty years on that same day. And the clock doesn’t know anything about this.

Is it all written or do we write our story as we live? That’s a hard one some may say. If we believe there is a masterplan we should expect is all already written of course. The idea is very common in most religions. But if it’s all written how can we choose? What’s our purpose and part in our own lives? Church says the answer is “free will”. The idea you are able to choose your path. Well… if it’s already written how can someone choose? I would have to say i can agree with the church and answer this question altogether. It’s not hard to understand. Only difficult to visualize. For god or for anyone in a higher dimension (depending on your creed and taste) time is not necessarily like we know it. Maybe the notion of time doesn’t even exist. Past, present and future can be the same reality and us humans can only see it in a certain order but in can be happening together at the same moment (another human notion but less precise and more open to interpretation) at the same space. Einstein told us long ago and Mr. Hawkins explained with more details. Quantum physics pure and simple. So if it’s all happening at the same time and god or anyone from higher dimensions can tell what’s going to happen we can conclude that to our human understanding it’s all written. But then again as there’s no necessary notion of time our choices are changing what happens to us. Only that for us it is changing what will happen next and to other celestial minds we are changing what is happening right now and we are remembering what happened also right now. This concept is so amazing because it explains why we are constantly changing our destiny even believing it’s all written because time is proved to be not absolute at all. Only in our small human capacity it is absolute. In god’s watch the seconds have the same duration of the weeks and of the centuries and his creation in which our universe stands is far from being understood by us.