Today is Valentine’s day here in Brasil. I know in the US is in february but here it is today. All couples are posting photos of amazing meals on Facebook and the twitter is pumping messages of love. How wonderful is this day for the couples and how amazingly annoying it is for the singles. It is impossible to eat out because every seat of the city is reserved. It’s even irritating to see the joy and the happiness on most couple’s faces. More than photos of meals i see explanations of how good it is to be single on this date. Many parties for singles with the same result. Getting really drunk and going for the wrong choices. Sometimes going out with that friend and end up spoiling the friendship because of the need to have someone on this evening.  I know many singles that didn’t go out so they don’t compromise because if you go out in Valentine’s day that means you are dating. I remember how many valentine’s i spent alone and most of them started with me alone and finished with me alone. I remember the anxiety on the days before Valentine’s day: Should i invite her to go out? Should i disappear? What if i have noone to spend Valentine’s day with me? Now i’m one of these annoyingly happy people at restaurants celebrating love. It took a long time to find the right person to spend all my Valentine’s days with. My wife. Happy valentine’s day! (by the way in Brasil it has nothing to do with Saint Valentine. It’s just called Couple’s day on Lover’s day or something like that. The translations is not acurate)