I love to travel. It’s the one thing in the world that makes me really happy to invest time and money. To be able to see other civilizations and ideas. Other people and ways of life. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s even funny that from all of this the thing i miss the most it’s my big bed and my perfect shower. Travelling is as good as going back home. What a paradox!! I think when we travel we get out of our confort zone to be able do adjust to different situations. It all amazes the eye and the mind but after a while the body and also the mind gets tired of all the mess new stuff brings to us and home calls us back screaming in a crescent fashion. With this i say i had great days in Mexico but i’m taking the plane back home and i can’t wait to get to my house!!! Good week to all my friends!!!

PS: I took this shot close to the pyramids. Mexico city is really amazing but also very dry. My nose is shut, my mouth bleeds and my eyes so dry i look like i have some kind of eye desease.