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It’s 17:08h and i leave at 18… The last days were so full i left at 20:30h at least but today everything is done and i’m set to go home. Looking at the clock in the wall makes me remember how time can be stretchy even on Einstein’s point of view. The second’s hand is taking at least a minute to move. Somedays have only twenty minutes and others have two hundred hours. Years pass in a couple minutes and some important moments can take forever to finally happen. It’s so interesting how do we relate to time and yet our clock does not know anything about it. It a really dumb machine! All the days have the same amount of seconds as if in reality it was just like that. I guess that “relativeness” of our time (not the Einstein one, mine one LOL) is of major importance to our human existence. It makes us feel immortals. Ten or forty years old and feel almost equally distant from death. I makes us feel fresh. Ten or forty years alo and we feel like we still have a lot to live and a lot to learn. Sometimes on monday we wake up with thirty and just after a short phone call we may feel sixty. It’s all so relative. My father is seventy and i’m forty but he is surely younger than me. If one day he leaves me i’ll grow easily thirty years on that same day. And the clock doesn’t know anything about this.

Today was one of those days, those everydays. So many things to do you fill the day will never end and now that it ended i can’t recall and great thing i did that will change something or someone. Don’t get me wrong, there are great days. Just that it’s not everyday. I made me think about a project i’m working on and it’s based on a TED ( from an artist that came up with a concept of carrier more interesting than usual. He says we work until we are sixty years old in general. Today people live more than eighty years so sixty sounds a little early to retire. We are talking about a thirty five years carrier which is very common. In his concept we should take a year off every seven years and retire with sixty five. By doing that we are able to think about our lives and our choices. I’m not talking about one year long vacation. I’m talking about time to plan and to project our next years. We can change paths if we feel necessary and we can recicle our hole life experience and start a new period refreshed and full of new ideas and energy. This time we need to live is getting to scarce and after a while we realize we just talk and think and create and feel things that belong to our work environment. I work with creativity and that means getting dry because there’s no time to live. We can only create from our live experiences. If we don’t live we have nothing to create. That concept works in any field and most importantly with any human being because this dryness don’t occur only in our professional lives. What a great concept: one can not be productive if he doesn’t have a life! It should be obvious but is not. Most like me are getting dry to the last drop trying to keep up with the madness around us. One year every seven seams so fair and so far at the same time. It’s hard to change but i should try. What about you guys?? Do you have time to live???