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The year in finishing and so my challenge to post everyday. I can’t say i did post everyday but between written posts and photo challenges i have more than 300 so far. Now it’s time to look back and try to understand what happened in my life and how did this blog followed my adventures during 2011. I don’t know what else can come out of this but it will be the first time i read proof of my footsteps and i can even reevaluate some issues. For the first time i can exchange things that are mine with my friends here. Friends i made through my stories and my steps. People that could not care less about my financial situation or about my status in the community or my physical appearance. People that gave me a lot of support in times of trouble. Yes! With nothing to expect in return these friends did cheer and gave advice. How much more unconditional can it be? So i learned a lot this year and this challenge showed me many great people and great moments. I know it already sounds too good and i didn’t even say a word about the amazing stories i read everyday from great writers and even better the possibility to comment and interact with these great writers. Many lessons for life for those who are interested in reading it. Again unconditional. I’m not the everyday optimist as most here already know but i can see a lot of goodness in here and i hope i can be part of it for a long time. So i would like to thank all my friend and assure they’ll always find avid eyes here waiting for the next posts and the next days and the next adventures. Let’s choose well the challenges of next year and finish the challenges of this one joyfully. Great holidays to you all!!! (No…this is not the last post of the year…but it will be the only one in this subject) 🙂

There’s a story by a very famous Brasilian writer and it goes like this: “Once upon a time in a village the doctor that took care from the psychiatric hospital decided that the method used to decide if a person is crazy was inacurate. Noticed that the bar was subjective. How can you know how much madness is mad enough? So he decided to change the bar. From that day on anyone that used bad words was considered mad. Anyone that spoke in a loud voice was concidered mad. Anyone that would drink or do any unhealthy thing was considered mad. Why not? Any sane person would prefer to have a good health. So after six months every person that lived or passed by the village was locked in the psychiatric hospital. The Doctor wondered about that situation and decided that if this matter is so subjective it was impossible that everyone but him were mad so he was the one who was mad and he decided to release everybody and lock himself.” I used this little tale of a great importance to wonder about today’s life and what could be called madness. All my conclusions point to the theoty that we all live in a giant mad house and that’s why there is no need to lock anyone. People are so intenselly caught in their day to day activities doing everything as it was the biggest emergency in the world that they don’t stop to look at each other and realize that’s pure madness. We are living too fast and too worried. Too Stressed and too scared. Too cold and to far from other people. Too ocupied to enjoy the little things. I guess when we stop we realize it’s already late for a change of plans. That’s why i remembered this little tale so we can wonder what is too much and think about looking a little bit to ourselves…

How delightful it was to see that my fellow bloggers enjoy film. It’s been almost twenty years now that me carrier is devoted to this media. Some say it’s an art but who works with it knows better. We can direct art because we direct writing and photography and fashion and architecture and music and on an on. That doesn’t makes us artists. Writers are artist and photographers are artists… we are the first lucky witnesses of those arts growing together in a media that can blend all those into one final result. Therefore we are craft men capable of taking writing from paper and putting it on screen with the help of all the arts that collaborate in cinema. Of course i’m talking about the first main idea of film. Autheurs are real artists and their work transcend direction. Fellini would be Fellini using other photographers and even without Nino Rota. Those write and direct and do almost everything they can in their films because they use all details in storytelling to be them selves as much as they can in front of the audience. In other hand Spielbergs are directors and what they do it’s not called art. That’s not less it’s just differente. Schindler’s list is a work of art? No. It is great filmmaking? Yes. The only thing it means is that moviemaking opens a window for artists but it was not designed as art. It’s an entertaining media. And a really powerful one. Those two hours in the dark theatre can take us many places and make our minds wonder in many different worlds and realities. I really love this craft since i was a child. Since Star Wars was playing and all i wanted to do is to be far away from this universe. That’s the power that always moved me to the movies. Great week to you guys!