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What can be called wrong? What doesn’t fit? What doesn’t belong? i took this shot in Miami january this year…i can’t say it’s wrong. Maybe funny. But for me wrong defines politicians and criminals…lol…and i never photographed either of those two….


Ok… Obama is hot and Osama is cold dead. Americans are celebrating all over the death of the antichrist. That should sound good but for me it sounds so weird. Please don’t hate me if you are pro Bush but i really believe as many people around the world that this guy is a scape goat. I do believe that september 11 was not very well explained and those buildings really looked like they were imploded. Inside job. I know all anti Bush writers did many pieces about this and i’m not naturally anti Bush. I don’t live in the States so for me it’s not a really big difference. I can only say that looking from outside the whole thing don’t stick. The thing in the pentagon don’t look like a plane. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraque. Those arabs that learned to pilot in night school and were able to crash the planes on the twin towers with no trouble at all especially the second one. After that first hit nobody was looking at the airspace in that area to see the other aircraft approaching. If i was an US citizen i would not fall for these stories and mostly i would not fall for this man’s power. Bin Laden. If the US wanted they would have Bin Laden on a plate like they did with Saddam Hussein. That guy was real. The other i’m not sure. I only saw him on those videos and most of the videos were made by sosias of the guy. Very convenient. Even his body is at the sea now. Nothing to see there. What if that guy never existen in the first place. Maybe he existed but not his actions. Maybe the government just locked the guy years ago and produced all those videos out of look alikes. We will probably never know but the fact is that is all too weird to celebrate. To close the deal now out of the blue the guy dies. Very convenient for Obama’s administration to regain some credit. All too convenient…Sorry for the conspiracy theory but it seams propper at this time.

I just got it. You know i love to write daily and i’m in postaday for this reason. I think it’s a great initiative but the topics are getting more and more irrelevant and weird. Sorry i’f i’m being a party pooper but it’s too much:

Topic #92:

An out of control train is about to run over a pile of happy puppies. You are standing at the control switch and can pull the level to direct the train onto a different track, saving their lives. But that other track has a smaller pile of equally happy puppies on it.

What do you do and why? ”

How can you guys post about this?? I would love to understand!! There’s nothing left to right. The story is all there not mentioning i heard better versions of this one without happy puppies.