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My friend have the best theories about obesity… not!! He uses to say things like these:

“I’m anorexic (the guy is more than 350 pounds). The problem with this desease is that you see your self as you were fat. My anorexy is so severe even other people say i’m fat!”

“I’m not fat. I’m just fat for my height. If i were 10 feet i would have the perfect weight. So it will be easier for me to grow than to diet ”

“I was born in the wrong age.I guy my size in the middle ages was considered good looking.”

“All i have to do is to subvert the beauty standard. In the sixties a skinny guy was the standard. In the nineties a body builder was the standard. Today a really skinny guy is again the standard. I just have to convince people that fat is the new standard.”

I know these are all funny but they don’t help much. It looks like even fat people help al lot to turn this problem into a joke. The only problem is that the joke is on them. Sorry. I gotta include myself somehow in here. Not because i treat this as a joke. I don’t anymore. But because even after loosing 45 pounds i’m still fat and i see more and more the lack of help people get to treat this problem. When someone addicted to drugs need help the society have a lot of resources to deal with this problem. You can go to rehab and you can go to groups and you can go to doctors and society will try to help you get on your feet. If you are fat the groups are not for free. If you don’t have money to pay for weight watchers you can’t get into groups. If you don’t have loads of money you don’t get into rehab. I know it doesn’t sound like something you would need to go to rehab but that’s just because the obese doesn’t cause social disturbance. They are as addicted as the drug addicted or the alcool addicted or the cigarette addicted. I can say stoping with cigarettes about ten years ago as really easy. I smoked a pack a day for 20 years and i stopped with no need for patches and things like that. I can’t tell about drugs because i was never addicted but what i can say is this: If you are a cocaine addicted or alcool addicted when you stop that’s it. The only thing you gotta do is to never look back at that thing. With food it’s not like that. You gotta eat. Imagine a cocaine addict going to the doctor and hearing something like this: “well. we gotta cut down your cocaine. So what we need to do is to make you shoot smaller doses six times a day avoiding the midnight craving. Every time you shoot a gram you write in your notebook to show me on our sessions. You can use cocaine with more fiber and the natural one you buy in local markets”. With food you don’t stop!! You gotta live with your vice your entire life and you gotta learn to control it. A really small portion is successful because of this. You can’t turn your back. You gotta face the very thing that makes you feel great and enjoy it in a controlled way. That’s hard. Also you can get this fast relief in every corner and it’s totally legal for a kid to buy it. No control. So you just need to make a really strong dose and advertise it giving toys with your dose and soon you’ll have a lot of addicted people in need of more doses. Food should have signs in the ads like cigarettes “this product can be addictive” “it can ruin your liver” “it can get you diabetes” “it can give you heart attacks”. And please don’t tell me you also have fastfood and get no issues from it. Firstly you do. Maybe with less impact but you do. Also many people in the world have alcool and not all are addicted. Yet there’s enough to obligate the producers to put signs in their advertising. Cigarettes are the same. No wonder most cigarette companies are in the food business right not. They learned a great market were no many figured out the scam they are playing. They learned they have addicted people that will last almost a lifetime. They don’t life a full life but they will stay a long time able to spend their money with more food and with many drugs and doctors. There you have it. The fast food now have another strong ally. The pharmaceutical companies. It seams like the biggest organization in the world. Poor cigarette companies. They are small time crooks next to these guys. Drug dealers? Poor drug dealers. These companies control entire countries and they are totally above the law. They perform their own tests and they release the medicines to fix the problems they created. It’s an amazing system. The only problem is it’s greed. It’s so big obesity is becoming the number one health problem in the world today. Kids have fat in their liver. People die too early and spend most of this time in doctors and hospitals. And who will have the guts to face this system? I don’t see anyone trying yet. I hope soon someone tries because people are dying by the hunders of thousands because of obesity. More people that in all the wars combined. But this war is silent and covered by everyone. Even the obese don’t talk much. They’re like the raped. They have a lot to loose if they bring their issues to light. Usually all they get are big laughs and taps on their shoulders. But they will keep dying until something happens. and i really hope something does happen…

I was born in 1969 and historians call people my age “the lost generation”. I even attended a lecture in cannes festival adressed to huge companies talking about this so called “lost generation” and it’s consuming habits. It was fun to learn that my generation is often mentioned as “against fashion and consumption ” or “a generation that doesn’t believe in brands and capitalism” . They said that after the easygoing hippies our generation was one full of super protective parents that sometimes are even competitive about this matter.. That unlike babyboomers we value lifestyle over money and quality of life over success. What i really liked the most tought was the opening of this lecture where they used a speech played by Brad Pitt in the Fight Club. The name of his character on the movie is Tyler Durden and the speech is the best definition of my generation i ever heard so i would like to share with you guys. Many of you know it by heart i guess but it’s always good to listen to these words:

” I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. Goddammit, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history, man; no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised by television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won’t; and we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”

I’m not worried about this generation of mine because the truth freed us a while ago. As a matter of fact the guys in that lecture made a big research to find out that between the babyboomers and the generation x (today’s young adults) my generation seams to be the more happy and positive about life. Congratulations lost fellas!!!

I was born in 69 so in the end of the 70’s i was a ten years old kid. This was a very rich age for culture. I remember the premiere of Star Wars. A film i watched in the Movie theatres fourteen times. It was the age of disco and the age of punk. The age of feminism. The age of pop and the age fo hippies. It was the age of the big promisses for the future with the start of the personal computing and the beginning of roots for globalisation. There were no AIDS. The kids that grew up at that age were supposed to change the world. Let’s not forget we are talking about the cold war so the world we are supposed to build is a world in peace. Something very interesting happened in music. It was a time where kids opposed the status quo and embraced the idea that chance is always better no matter what. Punks looking for anarchy, New wavers looking for a different cultural attitude, hippies fighting wars with flowers, skinheads gathering gangs to fight for the working class, Hip-hop from the projects talking about real african american issues, mainstream dancing on the disco clubs and having free sex, Heavy Metal dudes alienating from society and The Yuppies casting a capitalist shadow in all this fun. A importante thing at those times is that these tribes didn’t mix at all. Skinheads would only go to punk shows to fight. Rock hed nothing to do with new wave and all these tribes had their own way of dressing and talking and acting and all reflected the music they listened. The thing is: that was not all fun and joy. There was a lot of prejudice between these tribes and also with the status quo. It was a time of fight and hate in many levels but it was also a time of a rich cultural creation. The richer of the last decades. Punk, pop, pop-rock, electronica, hip-hop, new wave, goth, disco. Almost all the musical styles we listen today came from the 70’s. We had grunge in the 90’s and many electronica segments but not even one new hole musical style. In other hand today kids go to a rock party that ends as a disco party and they hang with hip-hop kids that enjoy electronic music and so on. Punk is only the theme of some fashion collections as well as hippie. Psychedelic is a graphic style and also a segment for electronica. That makes me wonder. The cultural segregation from the 70’s created so much and the 00’s cultural mixup where everybody can do anything created so little? Am i missing something here? If i’m right segregation is not so bad culturally speaking? As i don’t like the idea of segregation how can creation grow in a fluid environment where the “need” to raise a voice in not so important for a group as it is for an individual?