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Video games were the parents off at least three generations mine included. Probably my generation was the first with those very primitive tennis video games where the ball was a square and we were rectangles and hits like Simon. A funny thing about being this first team of humans playing games is the fact that our parents always imagined that activity as a children only thing. They see us playing Wii and Playstation today and all they say is: Aren’t you too old to play this?? My generation in other hand understand the place these games have in our everyday lives and that’s what we should pass along to our kids. With games you can control and master a much more interesting reality where you can be also much better with less effort than you need in the real world which is also a game but much more complex with much more things involved. Video games were designed to be another way of alienating people and to entertain them in their free time. That’s much less time for people to think about changes and improvement. Usually governments that want an easy population to manipulate really can enjoy that kind of tool. I’m not saying that’s all games are for but differently than saying it’s not a thing for adults we should tell kids it’s not a thing for people who wants do evolve. Games are fun, really fun. But they also create nothing but waste of time. So what i mean is: Do play but remember that’s wasted time so you will not play for too long. Another thing. All games are for adults but not all games are for kids. I do believe games with too much violence and with a very adult storyline are not helping kids these days. Already the time to become an adult is arriving earlier and earlier. We can see TI programmers with fourteen and that’s a well paid job. These activities are all related to the game and web culture and the less we can expose kids to that the more time they will still be kids.

Maybe some of you guys remember about the music video i did. The music is a version from Tom Waits “I din’t want to grow up” and it’s a famous Brasilian band playing it. As i promissed i’m showing it here in advance. I just posted on youtube and it releases on TV next monday. I hope you enjoy even if it’s not in english. I guess you will see how much fun i had… Thanks!!!

I can say from my italian background that cooking is in my blood. At home i cook the meals and i usually have friends at home for dinner. For this reason a friend asked me to make videos with some family repices and i started with the “ragu” which is a tomato and meat sauce from my grandmother’s region in the south of italy. Making this video was a pleasure and made me remember what is so amazing about family cooking. About going to granny’s house on sundays with all the family to eat and chat and have fun. About playing in the garden with the dog and messing with the plants trying to find a four-leaf clover and bugs to capture. After the meal the old folks would tell jokes and the young kids would play until time to go home. It’s amazing how great moments are related to food. Not fast food for sure but food that creates rituals. Food that goes on the table for a big group to enjoy. Family cooking. I really miss that since i’m not a kid and i don’t have a grandmother anymore. My hope now is to be able to renew these rituals when i’m older and maybe my gradsons will remember and cherish this idea. Until then i’m cooking for my friends and i’m thinking about putting a blog about family food together. I’ll start with my “ragu” and it will be open for other recipes. I hope you all like it and participate. Maybe that will make us remember more vividly the good old days.