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It’s very rare for me to use a topic suggestion for the post a day challenge but sometimes i gotta do it for the sake af writing about demands and other people’s topics. Also this is an interesting question that can define a person’s beliefs so it probably have many answers. For me evil is one of the many faces of our coins. Our human minds imagine reality and the universe and understand it using opposites.  It’s everywhere. Day and night. Young and old. Male and female. Good and evil. Right and wrong. We can not understand one without the other. So evil is the opposite of good. How can one understand good without the existence of evil? How can one value their arms and legs without knowing someone that has no arms or legs? How can one know the value of health without knowing sickness? How can one search for freedom without knowing what it means to be a prisoner ? I believe it’s all part of the same thing. God. That’s what god is for me. It’s everything and everywhere. So as we are all the world are part of god and god is in all of us also evil is part of god. The devil for those who believe’s in it is also part of god. So that’s what i think about evil. It’s the “heads” in one of our many coins where “tails” will be in the other side. I believe in one thing and i believed in it all my life: the most similar thing to any other thing in this universe is it’s own opposite.

Is it all written or do we write our story as we live? That’s a hard one some may say. If we believe there is a masterplan we should expect is all already written of course. The idea is very common in most religions. But if it’s all written how can we choose? What’s our purpose and part in our own lives? Church says the answer is “free will”. The idea you are able to choose your path. Well… if it’s already written how can someone choose? I would have to say i can agree with the church and answer this question altogether. It’s not hard to understand. Only difficult to visualize. For god or for anyone in a higher dimension (depending on your creed and taste) time is not necessarily like we know it. Maybe the notion of time doesn’t even exist. Past, present and future can be the same reality and us humans can only see it in a certain order but in can be happening together at the same moment (another human notion but less precise and more open to interpretation) at the same space. Einstein told us long ago and Mr. Hawkins explained with more details. Quantum physics pure and simple. So if it’s all happening at the same time and god or anyone from higher dimensions can tell what’s going to happen we can conclude that to our human understanding it’s all written. But then again as there’s no necessary notion of time our choices are changing what happens to us. Only that for us it is changing what will happen next and to other celestial minds we are changing what is happening right now and we are remembering what happened also right now. This concept is so amazing because it explains why we are constantly changing our destiny even believing it’s all written because time is proved to be not absolute at all. Only in our small human capacity it is absolute. In god’s watch the seconds have the same duration of the weeks and of the centuries and his creation in which our universe stands is far from being understood by us.

As i said before we are star stuff and we are expanding since the beginning of the universe. Everything seams to be evolving or growing or being born or dying and giving place for the new. I believe that’s all related. If you imagine the big bang as a regular explosion you will remember something about all explosions. They get big. They expand. That until they stop and grow smaller until they fade away. If our solar system were to be considered a grain of sand or dust in the middle of this explosion that can help us picture what is happening around us. But because human life is so short in universal time and space we can’t actually notice much going on. Most astrologists agrees one day the expansion may stop and star growing back to it’s origin. They also agree that things tend to happen by the same laws either they are big as a galaxy or small as a virus so things usually act the same way in all levels. Those are the laws. That makes me think we as humans and as part of this big expansion act as all the rest. We have the instinctive need to expand. That’s why we feel the need to grow up, to grow rich, to grow powerful, to go as far as we can in everything we do. We fell the need to be part of this expansion. For us to expand means very logically to do more and to have more of we already have and be more than we already are. When i look around that’s what i see but i always remember about Karma. Not the “past life Karma” but the psychological one. The idea we keep making the same mistakes, choosing the same wrong lovers, teaching our kids the same mistakes our parents teached us,doing the same destructive routines, making the same bad choices all over again. It seams to me that maybe we are missing something. That can’t be right. To expand is not always to keep growing the same way. If we remember evolution for a while, things evolve when they chance, mutate, when something uncommon happens and the course change. That made us humans from just energy and half a dozen different elements. At last, if i can use a more spiritual approach to conclude this, there should be a reason for us to be here in this life. If this reason has to do with simple expansion we just have to keep doing more and more of the same stuff and keep feeding our Karmas. But evolution shows us a different path. Things evolve when something unexpectedly happens. And i believe evolution fits better to the model of expansion in our universe . So maybe we are not suposed to follow the karma and the reason they are so hard to break is that we are changing the direction of something that is going on for a long time. Universally long. But that’s also why i think that’s our mission. To kill the karma. To evolve. To stop doing bad choices and keep doing only the good ones. That’s the real meaning of evolution and that’s in my opinion a very reasonable and worthy meaning to our existence. To the existence of everything in this universe. Not just to grow but to grow but to evolve.