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Grand… I usually tend to look for amazing little things that makes life wonderful and interesting. I’m not much into Grandeur…

Anyway not as a photographer but as a tourist i witnessed many things that can receive this title. Let’s see:

1: Pyramid of the sun seen from the pyramid of the moon in TEOTIHUACAN, close to Mexico city…I guess that fits the description.


2: A giant ship leaving the port of Miami. Notice it’s higher than the buildings. There, people on the porch can witness a bigger building moving through the water toward the sea.


3: The Rockefeller center christmas tree being assembled.


4: Amazing sand sculpture in Berlin, Germany….


5: The “Colón” Opera House in Buenos Aires…said to be one of the biggest of the world.


6: and i finish it with a bit of my country’s carnival. The biggest popular celebration of the world. This is a parade in my city. They happen in most big cities for 2 days…In these 2 days, 20 samba schools have one hour to perform the parade. Mine city is a big one so there’s a preliminar stage to find the 20 schools that will parade on carnival.


Sometimes possibilities can be a real challenge… How far would you go to find of if there’s a big payoff ??? I took this shot last year on the countryside…

We… that one is actually a challenge for someone that lives in a tropical country… In most places fall here just means dry weather and blue skies…but in the mountains that are not many we have something that looks a bit like north hemisphere’s fall. So i’ll start with the first thing about the fall… Leaves… and we can go on from here…