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We are probably all fighter. I heard that the other day. Mankind lived for millions of years fighting to survive in an environment where food should be hunted and we were also considered food by some. That’s why i feel hunger and craving. Because we needed this instinct to never forget to eat while there was something to eat. We didn’t know where there would be more to eat if ever. That’s why we developed creativity. It’s a mechanism spawned by fear. We needed to create defenses on the spot to fight of to run from other animals. We needed to create shelter when there was none. We needed to understand the way things work in order to survive. And our fight was a big one: Fight for survival. After these millions of years our instincts are printed in our genes so we keep doing what we learned before. But there is a lot of food. There’s very little fear. There’s tranquility. I know you all are probably saying: Yeee… You have tranquility…come spend a month at my house and you’ll learn the meaning of fear…lol… ok… i believe you but yet if compared to our previous history that’s peanuts. That’s why we would live for no more than 20 years and today we can do it over 100. I’m saying all this because there’s something about tranquility. Usually when i find myself really calm i feel there’s something missing. I worry. It sounds dumb to worry but still i do and i know a lot of people like me. Why is it so hard to just be? To let go and give up. To let the senses run the show and not the mind. Maybe this internal voice we have telling us to run while we can and to eat while there’s food never let us calm. Doctors say there’s something to do with a deep fear of death. To me one does not need to be a doctor to get this. Mankind always were afraid of death and this is not because we were fighting for survival. It’s because we don’t know what’s there after death? It’s because we know in our genes but we don’t want to accept it? These days we fight other kinds of fights. We fight to make money and to stay fit and we fight to stay sane. These are important fights to us now but for some reason they’re mild. More people seams to loose interest in fighting. More cases depression every year. More fobias. New kinds of mental deseases. New auto imune deseases. Things we never heard before. Seams like some are giving up and it’s hard to understand why since apparently things are easier these days. But then again maybe we were crafted to suffer and fight hard for our survival. In this case too much wellness can be bad to the health of our kind?

What a great surprise blogging is becoming. I had some blogs before but mostly about work and references. Nothing like this one so it’s the first time i’m exposing my ideas and myself as well. Since i started this year with this challenge of writing everyday i’m messing more and more with my beliefs and my convictions. It’s an amazing tool this channel you have with others without the social barrier of convencional conversations. I may say writing everyday is not such an easy task. Well…writing is but finding the time in our crazy lives and tranquility to let our mind wonder is really hard. So i have to be glad to use twenty minutes on lunch break and other some before sleep (not forgetting how tired we are at this particular time of the day). Even so the joy of doing it is so much larger than the work it demands if i could i would only do this. It really great to see people liking your writing. It also great to see people hating your views when you write about a polemic matter. I guess it is so refreshing because you can get feedbacks on your way of thinking and feeling. So i can only say everyone should do it as they do their exercise and work and eat their meals. Everyday. Nonstop no matter what. I believe those who take that challenge have nothing to loose and a lot to gain. A better understanding on them selves and others. Real connections with different opinions and a richer experience than any other on the web. Blogging brings the power of the old letter or the written news and combines it with a network that is much more democratic and enables every person to expose their ideas. So i salute all fo you my new friends and i thank you for this amazingly rich experience.