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It’s so easy to spot a bad choice when it’s not about you. It’s so hard if it is. We create our future by the choices we make and sometimes we do it wisely and sometimes not. How many different lives we could have only if we decide minor changes. What if you took one more month to end your old relationship and you missed the opportunity to meet the person you are with now for the rest of your life? What if you decided not to go by bus on that day and got into a traffic accident with your car where someone got badly hurt? All we can do is try to make the best choices and hope for the best but nobody can predict which choice will be the best one. It’s weird that reading to what i’m writing now you may think choice is a bad thing but it’s the opposite. Probably is the gift we received from god to be able to find freedom and happiness. It’s not because it’s a gift and a great one that it should be easy. Making choices sometimes can be really difficult. Probably the bitter task we have as humans. It’s the price for free will and for the nature of being human. Still after all this time making choices how do we make so many wrong ones? Shouldn’t we be more professional on this matter? Maybe we should do it with the brain or maybe we should do it with the heart. The fact is that even recognizing where the choice came from is hard enough.

I don’t know how did it get this way but everything is so fast and everybody is so busy that sometimes i can’t even tell what day of the week it is. So more than ever the good old Friday is really Shangri-la. We arrive home with our feet sore and our minds spinning. It starts the process of slowing down. It starts the process of becomming a husband again and maybe even take my wife on a date. What is hard is to find energy to do that. The bars are all packed and the traffic is crazy. Everyone wants to get home for the weekend. It’s time to start to remember i’m not exercizing and i’m not eating well either. It’s time to remember i gotta take care of myself. So making plans for next week is in order. Time to remember of our parents and the fact we have to see them more often. It’s so unfair when we don’t have the weekend of. I think we really need this time of the week to recharge and get ready for a new one. Lately i’m forcing my self to think about long term. I’m using my weekend to do something i can’t during the week. To be able to look for the whole year and the whole month and the whole life. To understand if i’m late or maybe going the wrong direction.

Today is Sunday and that’s already a good excuse to stay home. Time to rest and to do things in the house that needed to be done. Today was Formula Indy day in my city. It’s raining intensely and the race was rescheduled for tomorrow. This rain makes the idea of leaving my bed almost impossible. This rain makes my eyes wanna close for a nap all the time. It’s such a great sensation. There’s nothing to be done. I made some coffee and now i’m typing while looking through the window. It’s raining with no thunders. Nothing to put us on edge. I may say my house feels as a womb and i can understand why babies don’t want to leave this safe and warm place. I’ll probably start to watch a movie and i’ll try not to remember that tomorrow is Monday. And it will be a rainy monday so instead of the tranquility of my home i’ll get a rainy day’s traffic jam. Another week full of things to resolve and people to please. What looks so amazing today will probably ruin my day tomorrow. I’ll be outside the womb and inside the messy rainy world fighting hard to live another rainy sunday in my house and in my bed.