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I never imagined that it could exist someone in this planet that don’t get moved by music. Who only turn on a radio to listen to the news. Who have no CDs and who cannot name more than a couple songs with enthusiasm. I met someone like that today and i can say it was a really great guy. The only strange thing was this. It’s not that he hates lasagna or chocolate or soccer or that he digs politicians or banks. He just don’t care about music. As he explain himself he says music is not mandatory in life. You dont need it to live and you can have fun with other things. He enjoys books for an example. It’s really truth what he says but still it sounds so strange. I was made to believe that with no music our lives has no inspiration. That we respond to music in a way that is so instictive that if we don’t have it ever we can loose motivation. I tried to wonder how it would be if i didn’t know any song at all but i have to say can’t grasp the feeling. My mind is too impregnated with music and sounds. But even if i don’t emotionally understand i have to say i totally understand logically and that makes me think that we are all really different and once we learn that and learn how to respect that everything is much easier.

I know you. You are made of flesh and bones. I know that.You believe you are made to be superior and to shine as a star and you keep complaining because you think you didn’t get all the joy and happiness you expected you would. For some reason your mind works in a strange way sometimes against your will. You want to be thin but you eat to much and the more you want the more you get frustrated and the more you eat. I understand a lot about cycles and how hard it is to stop them. You want to have a partner but you keep choosing against your better judgement. I know you are not so smart celularly speaking. You barely control your cast and a few random processing matters. I guess what blocks you is the non acceptance of your nature, of your real way of conducting things. You spend most of your time trying to believe you are something else. More spiritual and more elegantly build. That also i can understand because you have some confusing patterns to follow. I can’t imagine how it would be to love your own self and to hate others. I guess to be able to get there you have to suppress a lot of information. That’s something interesting about you. You always remember what you want and the way you want it. How can you forget about the wrongs you did until you got a couple rights? God is complexity! Complexity is our nature and if you forget this you will be doomed to live in a worthless mind that produces much more entertainment than productivity and because of that you don’t have extra time to process your joy and happiness. I can’t get into your mind yet but i’m afraid that if i did i would not find room for this happiness you talk so much about. So sometimes i wonder if you were really built for that. Maybe you were truly build to serve. Always thinking you are always guilty of something and trying to repair your life. Doing for others what you don’t do to yourself. You have been serving me for a while now and i can’t complain. I had no effort to be who i am today. But maybe the reason for that is that i deserve it and i’m not self destructing. I just believe my existence is here to exist. No judgement and no big expectations. I work my work and i rest my rest. I am what i am and nobody can say differently. There was a time when you outsmarted me but you invested so much of you in me that today you sound like an old sad creature with not much use. I’m glad you keep dreaming your dreams because they help you endure this lack of perspective you have about your life and without it you could not stand it all. Well… Anything you need from me just type something and i’ll try to do my best.

Sincerely yours,