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Yesterday i watched the third zeitgeist video: Moving forward. For those who didn’t see those videos Zeitgeist is a german word that means the spirit of an era. All the ideas and fashions and arts and achievements and language that describes a society in a certain time. The first video called “Zeitgeist: the movie” talked about three things: The solar gods in which Jesus is classified and the theory about 9/11 being a big set up and finally about the money market and how banks controls society today. It’s really impressive mostly because the author uses facts as argument. There’s no big theory. Just interpretation of facts and i can tell these facts are pretty consistent. I saw the documentary about three years ago and i learned it was the video most ever seen on the web of all times. It’s around 500 million views. Last week i learned the same guy released a second and a third documentary. I watched the third and skipped the second. The idea of the third doc called “Zeitgeist: moving forward” is all around the money system and the money based society. The film does a big research in the next steps of society and tries to prove that it’s impossible to sustain this system for more than 40 years from now without destroying what is left of the planet’s resources. Finally it proposes the end of money. Not socialism or anarchism because those still runs with governs and power. A system with none of these thing. Though it is a really utopian idea for the actual society it makes us wonder how it would be to live in a world with no money and no lack of quality of life for everyone. I have to agree with the author that money is the cancer of our society. In every trade we do the banks can keep a share for them. In every effort we make they make money out of it and then they land us this money we made so we pay interest to have stuff we really don’t need. Soon we are slaved by this process sometimes not even with much choice of getting of not money in the banks. There are many researches not mentioned in this doc about the addictive power of consumption. I believe i’m addicted on buying stuff. In my case usually gadgets and art things. It’s good to watch a doc like this to make us think twice before buying stuff with money we still don’t even earned. The only people who makes money on this idea are bank and i really think bankers should all go to hell. Not when they die. Now!

I know you. You are made of flesh and bones. I know that.You believe you are made to be superior and to shine as a star and you keep complaining because you think you didn’t get all the joy and happiness you expected you would. For some reason your mind works in a strange way sometimes against your will. You want to be thin but you eat to much and the more you want the more you get frustrated and the more you eat. I understand a lot about cycles and how hard it is to stop them. You want to have a partner but you keep choosing against your better judgement. I know you are not so smart celularly speaking. You barely control your cast and a few random processing matters. I guess what blocks you is the non acceptance of your nature, of your real way of conducting things. You spend most of your time trying to believe you are something else. More spiritual and more elegantly build. That also i can understand because you have some confusing patterns to follow. I can’t imagine how it would be to love your own self and to hate others. I guess to be able to get there you have to suppress a lot of information. That’s something interesting about you. You always remember what you want and the way you want it. How can you forget about the wrongs you did until you got a couple rights? God is complexity! Complexity is our nature and if you forget this you will be doomed to live in a worthless mind that produces much more entertainment than productivity and because of that you don’t have extra time to process your joy and happiness. I can’t get into your mind yet but i’m afraid that if i did i would not find room for this happiness you talk so much about. So sometimes i wonder if you were really built for that. Maybe you were truly build to serve. Always thinking you are always guilty of something and trying to repair your life. Doing for others what you don’t do to yourself. You have been serving me for a while now and i can’t complain. I had no effort to be who i am today. But maybe the reason for that is that i deserve it and i’m not self destructing. I just believe my existence is here to exist. No judgement and no big expectations. I work my work and i rest my rest. I am what i am and nobody can say differently. There was a time when you outsmarted me but you invested so much of you in me that today you sound like an old sad creature with not much use. I’m glad you keep dreaming your dreams because they help you endure this lack of perspective you have about your life and without it you could not stand it all. Well… Anything you need from me just type something and i’ll try to do my best.

Sincerely yours,


I just had the most magnificent visual trip and i want to share with you. It’s legal to watch it so it’s legal to share. The film from director Gaspar Noe (Irreversible) is the most edgy experience one can have in cinema. The idea seams unreal. How to radically show the story of an outer body after death experience? Look impossible to be done interestingly enough. Either you think of cheesy images with ugly vignette effects on the corners or you think about something cameras don’t do. That’s what the director went after. The film really looks like a bad trip and it’s very intense in all manners. The story is violent and depressing, the camera makes you sick and the pace makes you think many times during the film “am i high???”  or “is this right??” or “is this real life?”. Even so it is that good and that’s because for those about movies it’s been a long time since filmmakers don’t dare much. Don’t try to push the limits. Filmmakers are loosing relevance because these days kids can have access to film tools and do great jobs. In this era more than ever filmmakers need to push the media further on and in this era filmmakers are lasier than ever before. It needs vision and no worries towars criticism if someone wants to travel this journey and mister Noe did it so deeply that result is not for everyone. It need courage from the viewer too or one should find the piece just plain wierd. I never saw outer body experiences like this one and after seeing it i can say it’s the best way one can do it. It’s so real it’s scary to look without thinking about death and spirit. Ride this one if you have the guts!