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Today we know many aspects of our history and why did we developed some features and abilities. Scientists learn everyday how we evolve to fit survival and progress. The bald guys are genetically more evolved than the hairy guys and that’s because now we have roofs over our head and we don’t need hair to protect our skin. In other areas like food supply and the means to get it we evolved too fast and our bodies didn’t have time enough to adjust. We got fat because it’s easier today to get food. Of course a kid growing in a poor area in Africa would disagree but mostly today is much easier. Our bodies are getting used to more dangerous viruses and bacteria. But things are changing faster and faster and that makes the gap between our biological evolution and our habitat evolution bigger and bigger. An example of that is the solar protection factor we are using. In the 60’s that didn’t even exist. I remember in the 70’s my mom using tanning lotion with no protection and lying at the sun at noon. Today if i do that i’ll use solar protection factor 45. In twenty years it’ll get to more than a hundred just to go to work. Our bodies didn’t have the time to adjust to that. I wonder what will happen in the next hundred years. Things are changing really fast. I remember when i spent 5 hours on the internet in the 90’s. My dad told me i was crazy and i felt really dizzy. Today most people as myself use to spend more than 5 hours a day doing things online. And we are getting fatter and lazy. I’m lucky for not being really good in predictions. I would not sleep thinking about what we will look like in a hundred years. I hope this curve changes and things get a little more healthy.

Some say dreams are the mind interpretation of our current event. Others say it’s the reboot of the brain and it’s cleaning system. Other says it’s were we can see the future and the past. Orpheus was always a wonder subject in all cultures. We still don’t understand all the reasons involved in our dreams. Scientists can explain some neurological aspects and spiritualists try to guess but there’s no complete version of it. Nobody knows. I can tell from my own experience that i already had a dream of things to come. And things came. Maybe it was just a coincidence but i rarely remember my dreams and that one woke me up. Six months later i learned a really big healthy issue that is resolved right now but had no way to be mistaken by any other event. Still that was the only time it happened and that can’t prove anything. Maybe there’s a quantic explanation saying that the power of that dream could materialize the event afterwords. Who knows. Freud said dreams are the interpretations of our desires and fears. But some dreams are so confusing. It’s kinda hard to accept this theory. Maybe it’s a channel to the divine. Maybe there’s something else out there and the way we communicate with it is in our dreams. All we know is that Mr. Sandman’s realms are still a mystery too good to be solved.