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Great challenge!! Not an easy one. Representing community is not a casual task. I’ll try with two shots.

The first one is from “the miracle cave”. A Small cave in the country side of a less developed state from Brasil. People believe miracles happen inside it so there are thousands of believers that travels many days to get there. They hang pictures and objects on it’s walls from relatives or friends with some kind of sickness or trouble.It’s an amazing and disturbing view. It has to do with a community faith and way of live.



The second is an area in Berlin on the canals where people go to drink and meet. It’s an amazing and unusual place for the summer with many bars by the water one next to the other. People gather and have fun in a very cool way.


I just love to indulge myself. The problem is that usually it have consequences. In my case i do get fat. lol. I was thinking about something more than food for a change and i found this shot i took in Berlin in the beautiful neighborhood of Kreuzberg. There are many canals there. Gorgeous little river branches. They have these bars with these piers and boat houses and people go there on summer to drink at  happy hour . They look like kids in the playground. Sometimes someone decides to dive in. I think this is a great example of indulgence. Can’t think of something much better…


Another thing that is really amazing on the fall is the quality of the light. It’s how beautiful the sky is. The skyline of the fall is always a nice subject for the photographers…