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It’s time for a check up and for me it’s time to get worried. Maybe because i always worry too much about this kind of thing and some say i’m kinda Hypochondriac. Maybe it’s because i didn’t do anything doctors asked me to do so i feel like a i kid going to school and learning there will be a surprise test for something he didn’t study well enough. Maybe it’s because it’s almost three years since i had the seminoma and so far everything looks great. Things just have to keep that way for two more years and i’m free to go. Finally maybe it’s because i’m fat and i developed some kind of fatty liver. Anyway those are the reasons and there’s so much going on when i do blood tests these days that i forgot if one always get worried about those. I have no fear of niddles and that’s something in my favor. I feel fantastic so probably that’s another thing of my favor. It i can tell you guys two things i learned about this are:

1: Please, please, pretty please don’t search the web to learn what you may have. Wait to talk to your doctor. The devil is hidden on the web and that’s where he comes out putting doubts in your mind and making you think you are doomed (and than you talk to your doctor and besides the signs of stress you are showing everything with you is perfect)

2: No sales are final. I’ve been called a VOMIT (victims of modern imaging technology) because i’ve made so many tomographys because of the seminoma that they actually found i little nod on my kidney that wasn’t there before. I got in panic just to learn that it never grew again…It has the same size for years now which means it’s nothing and many have those and if i didn’t do so many exams i would never learn about it. So if you see something weird wait to be concerned. Don’t waste life in something that doesn’t deserves attention.

So i’ve been delaying these exams for a couple weeks now but next week i’ll finally do it. I know it will be allright but worrying is already part of the ritual. So i worry and i delay a bit but deep down inside i know all will be alright and life is supposed to be lived but not death.

I can say from my italian background that cooking is in my blood. At home i cook the meals and i usually have friends at home for dinner. For this reason a friend asked me to make videos with some family repices and i started with the “ragu” which is a tomato and meat sauce from my grandmother’s region in the south of italy. Making this video was a pleasure and made me remember what is so amazing about family cooking. About going to granny’s house on sundays with all the family to eat and chat and have fun. About playing in the garden with the dog and messing with the plants trying to find a four-leaf clover and bugs to capture. After the meal the old folks would tell jokes and the young kids would play until time to go home. It’s amazing how great moments are related to food. Not fast food for sure but food that creates rituals. Food that goes on the table for a big group to enjoy. Family cooking. I really miss that since i’m not a kid and i don’t have a grandmother anymore. My hope now is to be able to renew these rituals when i’m older and maybe my gradsons will remember and cherish this idea. Until then i’m cooking for my friends and i’m thinking about putting a blog about family food together. I’ll start with my “ragu” and it will be open for other recipes. I hope you all like it and participate. Maybe that will make us remember more vividly the good old days.