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So your name is 2012 and we will get together for the next three hundred and something days. I’m not the kind that plans too much ahead but at least a new year’s resolution would be a good way of welcoming you 2012 in my life. So i thought about my options and i even tried to remember what went on in other years like yourself. What i realized was that i was always making promisses to get more and get better and get faster and get newer and get richer and get thinner and on and on. What i also realized was that these very things created most of the noises i hear in my head and i can say my head these last years is a really crowded and loud place. So I decided to do less. Not less of what i’m good at or less of the things that makes me important to some in this life of mine. Less i worrying. Less in planning. Less in expecting. Less in waiting. Less in wanting. And most important: less in self- consciousness. Less in worrying about each move we make and the reaction other people will have to that particular move. Maybe it sounds grumpy or egoistic but the fact is that i noticed we spend so much energy in just being that if we can be less we will live more. And happier. And better. So in 2012 i’ll be less. Be less yourself.

Last week i was in an interesting event. My father asked me to film the celebration of 45 years from graduation of his class. Also they were making a homage to two class mates. The supreme court’s president and vice president from São Paulo. It’s a rare thing to have the two most important positions in law occupied by two people from the same class. No need to say my father was in law. He worked in the field as a lawyer for ten years but after he got some money he changed his focus to business. It was a really interesting event to be attended. A lot of joy from old friends created the mood but for someone from outside that sphere there was something more enchanting to notice. As they were celebrating 45 years of graduation most there would have 70 years or more. As one of the classmates mentioned in his speech “they are in the autunm of their carriers”. So there they were in the end of their race looking at each other. Trying to learn what happened with the others or maybe avoiding it. One could notice some got rich and some didn’t. Some got powerful and other didn’t. Some looked really old and others didn’t. Some were not there anymore. Many died. But who got what they were looking for in their carriers? Who was there with a strong fire in the eyes with no worries about how did the other go and satisfied with the journey? I can say it was impossible to say. If the richer were happier. If the better looking had a better life. I looked at that group and imagined my self in their positions. It kind of scares me. What will i think of my life when i’ve already lived it?

Inseparable concepts they are slaved by each other. They are also the big explanation of our universe. The opposites. If you go back to the big bang you will start with nothing, or zero. Just after that motionless, timeless, empty, big nothing you will have an explosion that didn’t stop yet and perhaps if it stops someday it can even grow back to that same moment it started in the first place. But there is a pattern we can see everywhere we look. Maybe because it’s the nature of our minds to understand it that way but everywhere we look we can see the opposites and always zero in the middle of it. Day and night, on and off,young and old, male and female, dark and light, big and small, rich and poor, happiness and sorrow. I really can go on forever with it because there is a real pattern of negatives and positives. That’s how our universe works in our perception. So it’s kind of hard to complain about sadness because without it there would be no happiness. No fat without thin. No old without new. We humans only understand things when we have a comparison to it. So with no death we would probably be unable to define life. With no bad no good. No rich no poor. No day no night. It’s very interesting that these are always opposite parts of the same thing. Darkness is lack of light. Death is lack of life. They all complete each other like positives and negatives. So you must say Good and evil are made from the same. Well…Probably all things are made from the same. That’s why i think Jesus was truly a gifted son of God as we all are. He described pure Quantum physics twenty centuries ago saying he was god, he was the son of god, we are all sons of god, we are all brothers, we are all the same, as the father, the son and the holy ghost are also the same. He was saying it’s all connected somehow and we all belong to the same system that creates the universe. As Carl Sagan used to say “we are Star Stuff”. We are the same things that we see in stars, in darkness, in good, in evil, in life and in death.