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Well…hands are probably what makes us humans in the first place. There is so much language and intention and strength and history in a person’s hand. Surely it’s an amazing subject for a shot. I’ll start this one with a “grip” :). It’s a shot i took of my wife without her noticing. It was a couple years ago on new year’s eve. She’s holding her waist who knows why… but i love it.

I also want to use this post to thank you a lot the really talented Mr. Spilledinkguy for collaborating with me in an amazing work (credits are his actually…he choose a shot within many and altered in the most amazing way) and if you can do check out the lovely result here

I already posted this phot but i just coudn’t finish this week’s challenge without it. The subject is the sky and this one is the most beautiful i ever saw and photographed. So here it is: The perfect sunset.


In a challenge about the sky i feel i have to post a shot from the window of an airplane. The sky always look dreamy and unreal. i love this view.