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Probably some of you guys watched this sad documentary about really very important things. “The gift” talks about a subject that is all around us specially when we start mixing religion and science. More precisely quantum physics. If you want to know what i’m talking about with more details i really recommend “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?“. A much more serious documentary. They both talk about the same subject with very different approaches. “The Gift” unfortunately is really shallow and sometimes even stupid. What they talk about is what in important though. Our universe have only one law that can’t be denied and that rules everything and that’s the law of attraction. Quantum physics are helping us undertand many different ways that law can be applied. If you consider reality only exists when it’s witnessed as colors are only visible with the presence of light you will be able to wonder how do we transform our own reality by building it in our minds first. Even without being an easy test the documentarist give many researches and tests done proving that’s truth. Our reality depends a lot in how do we want to shape it. That means by the law of attraction that if we are negative we are also attracting negativeness into our lives. If we are positive… That happens already on a daily basis in a very easy way to witness. Only it’s very small. With new equipment scientists are finding that our brain is not the same during our lives. The synapses in it changes every time we execute some action. We shape our brain to produce what we want. It’s also proven our eyes can see ten times more stuff that our brain can undertand so we “see” the world only partially. There are many other ways of shaping the reality recognized around us setting up a scenário where the next events will happen and the law of attraction is always there to move whatever we ask our bodies and minds to get closer or far away from us. What does it all mean? That the cheese idea that being positive can result in positive effects may be truth. That people that are negative about everything and never stop complaining about their lives usually have a lot of difficulty to get good things going for them. That those “lucky bastards” that are so annoying because everything in their lives are always well will keep that way. That if you really set your mind to do something you will surely end up getting it or at least getting much closer to it. It’s the law of attraction. The only unquestionable law of our universe.

Is it all written or do we write our story as we live? That’s a hard one some may say. If we believe there is a masterplan we should expect is all already written of course. The idea is very common in most religions. But if it’s all written how can we choose? What’s our purpose and part in our own lives? Church says the answer is “free will”. The idea you are able to choose your path. Well… if it’s already written how can someone choose? I would have to say i can agree with the church and answer this question altogether. It’s not hard to understand. Only difficult to visualize. For god or for anyone in a higher dimension (depending on your creed and taste) time is not necessarily like we know it. Maybe the notion of time doesn’t even exist. Past, present and future can be the same reality and us humans can only see it in a certain order but in can be happening together at the same moment (another human notion but less precise and more open to interpretation) at the same space. Einstein told us long ago and Mr. Hawkins explained with more details. Quantum physics pure and simple. So if it’s all happening at the same time and god or anyone from higher dimensions can tell what’s going to happen we can conclude that to our human understanding it’s all written. But then again as there’s no necessary notion of time our choices are changing what happens to us. Only that for us it is changing what will happen next and to other celestial minds we are changing what is happening right now and we are remembering what happened also right now. This concept is so amazing because it explains why we are constantly changing our destiny even believing it’s all written because time is proved to be not absolute at all. Only in our small human capacity it is absolute. In god’s watch the seconds have the same duration of the weeks and of the centuries and his creation in which our universe stands is far from being understood by us.

Inseparable concepts they are slaved by each other. They are also the big explanation of our universe. The opposites. If you go back to the big bang you will start with nothing, or zero. Just after that motionless, timeless, empty, big nothing you will have an explosion that didn’t stop yet and perhaps if it stops someday it can even grow back to that same moment it started in the first place. But there is a pattern we can see everywhere we look. Maybe because it’s the nature of our minds to understand it that way but everywhere we look we can see the opposites and always zero in the middle of it. Day and night, on and off,young and old, male and female, dark and light, big and small, rich and poor, happiness and sorrow. I really can go on forever with it because there is a real pattern of negatives and positives. That’s how our universe works in our perception. So it’s kind of hard to complain about sadness because without it there would be no happiness. No fat without thin. No old without new. We humans only understand things when we have a comparison to it. So with no death we would probably be unable to define life. With no bad no good. No rich no poor. No day no night. It’s very interesting that these are always opposite parts of the same thing. Darkness is lack of light. Death is lack of life. They all complete each other like positives and negatives. So you must say Good and evil are made from the same. Well…Probably all things are made from the same. That’s why i think Jesus was truly a gifted son of God as we all are. He described pure Quantum physics twenty centuries ago saying he was god, he was the son of god, we are all sons of god, we are all brothers, we are all the same, as the father, the son and the holy ghost are also the same. He was saying it’s all connected somehow and we all belong to the same system that creates the universe. As Carl Sagan used to say “we are Star Stuff”. We are the same things that we see in stars, in darkness, in good, in evil, in life and in death.