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What a great subject to photograph! This week’s challenge is about the sky which is probably the most photographed subject ever. And the most beautiful. This first one was shot at 6 AM right before bed. I worked the whole night and this was my reward.


Really interesting tools is the twitter and more interesting are the big users of this tool, the twitters. I never used much until recently and that was because a great friend of mine was using it a lot and was even making money with it. So it was a was of talking to my friend. How does she makes money? She writes professionally for blogs and she uses the twitter to advertize her posts. She likes my writing so she decides to invite me to a blog that she writes with sixteen other people. So far so good. As i’m writing in the blog i started to communicate with them often and i learned that they are heavy twitters all with many thousands of followers. What i realized so far is that such a short kind of note as the twit can’t say much more than a headline. I think you can write 140 characters at the most in each twit. What i also realize is that these people that are heavy twitter users are headliners. People looking for attention. Is really normal to see fights between them because everything goes in this race for followers. I never imagined it was such a shallow channel of communication but i also never imagined i had real use. For me this tool was a place for short chats and things like that. Information. But the people that dominates the craft don’t use it for chatting. Use it for showing of. Use it for self promotion. Amazing how powerful thw twitter can be for something like that. It’s too fast so you can engage followers nonstop. What does that mean? Floods of twits with nothing important on them. Thousands by the hour. I checked that one person wrote 183 twits in one hour. That’s like one every 20 seconds. She was narrating the soap opera she was watching of TV and ading her point of view. In other words: Twitter= useless/ Twitters= even more useless.

Today i completed the first third of my journey in post a day 2011. It means four months posting everyday. It’s not a really easy task but it’s a great writing exercize. Finding subjects everyday is probably the biggest chalenge. I started this because i always wanted to share my ideas. I’m starting to realize these ideias are not so many. lol. In other hand i’m learning the joy of blogging and being able to be part of a group that share this desire. Writing. I feel much less alone and much more confident now in this journey and i own that to the friends i made here and are exchanging ideas everyday with me. How important it is to be able to exchange. Ideas locked in one’s mind can not grow and prosper. When you have the chance to debate and have feedback on your thoughts and give your opinion on other people’s thoughts you can learn many times more than doing it alone and it’s many times more pleasurable also. It scares me a bit to think i still have two hundred and forty posts left to write but i intent to be as honest and personal as i can and i believe everything will be all right. Thank you all. You are a great gift i received this year.