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I forgot about this book a long time ago but when o was a kid it used to haunt me. The idea that humans were spawn by aliens is as old as the idea of extra terrestrial life. I actually believe that it can exist life outside this blue planet of ours but i never saw any interaction that was told or photographed or recorded in video and so on that convinced me it is real. The book in other hand talks about stuff that i can believe and some ideas that i can relate with like the design and the engineering Mayas had a long ago and egyptians even earlier. What amazes me though is the belief people have in extra terrestrials these days. I talk to many friends that like some of you believe aliens are living among us for a long time and they are helping us to evolve. Others believe totally in abductions and contacts. Again nothing against that but in my opinion the world got to clever. There’s not much room for god and religion in many people’s minds. The only reality accepted is the material one. I think believing in Aliens and the idea they could be our spawners have to do with the necessity to create gods. Maybe mayas did those giant monuments to adore alien gods that didn’t ever appeared in this planet. Maybe they did meet people from other planets that visited us and for some reason are not here anymore. Maybe just like a lot of people i know today they were searching for explanations. It could be their version of our science fiction even so it’s the more believable theories of extra terrestrial live i found in all my reading. What is important in all this is that people are still looking for answers and all the technology available didn’t quiet their hunger. This is a big relief for me because that hunger is the wheel that pushes our species forward. We are still young after all.

Yes they are. Opinions and butts are two things that everybody got their own. I was watching “The swan lake” and in my opinion the film is an unfulfilled promisse. Something that starts as a very classic and old fashion drama and develops to a modern psychological thriller just to end again as a very classic and old fashion drama. That’s my opinion. Of course the direction is amazing and the cast is perfect especially Natalie Portman in the best performance of her life i believe. But for me that doesn’t change the fact that the film is an unfulfilled promisse with a mediocre ending. That’s my opinion but you should not listen to it. The NY times reviewed the film as something extraordinary. Rotten Tomatoes too. So maybe i’m wrong. So maybe there’s not such a thing and what is wrong is to review. But what about the purpose of reviews? Talking about cinema i know the general public don’t have the time or the interest to watch every feature film that is released. Sometimes not even the opportunity because many features are not released in theaters all over. Just some. So the importance of the reviews are to indicate to the public their best bets in attending the demand of most viewers. Now that’s a risky business. Opinions are always different and what we have are films that more people can appreciate and films that less people who are more engaged with film culture will enjoy. Besides that the rest is all speculation! That’s why the critics always choose to forget the general public and give their rates according to the more sophisticated viewers. Firstly because they will always have an academic plausible excuse for their reviews and secondly because that’s what they are. Sophisticated viewers! And nobody can think with other but their own heads. So they are reviewing for them selves and you are giving them credit for it. I suggest to follow the plots, the actors and directors of your choice. That’s always better than following critics opinion. It’s like perfume. Nobody is obligated to prefer this or that one. The only people that believe in this idea is the people who gain by giving opinions and you can have your own as you have your butt… for free!!!